We never planned for Sewer Rehab project but have continually used Sewer and Water Money for Staff

I’m certain you all have seen the notice which accompanied your water bill.  Per Ordinance No. 15-01, water and sewer rates shall be adjusted annually on October 1st based on the cost of living index.  There will be a 1.8% increase on water and sewer.

Not only will the Town have to come up with some $700,000 through loans for the Sewer Revitalization project and possibly more for our Water System, but we have continued, since Bob Farley was manager of the Town, to consistently take money from our Enterprise Account and place it in the General Revenue Account to support staff operations.  The sad part is that the Town was so broke when Farley moved over the money, that the Town had to put a $4,800 amount owed a creditor on a credit card.  The creditor kept our money which was paid twice and satisfied a decade prior over three court cases. The only way we would get our $15,000 back was for the Town to pay for their obligation.  It has been stated that in order to keep from increasing Property Taxes (which only a small share of the Towns Citizens pay), it is necessary to take money from the Sewer/Water Enterprise account yearly.


In 2013-2014 We transferred $195,000 into the General Fund; in 2014-2015, we transferred $110,614; in 2015-2016 We transferred $59,520; In 2016-2017, we transferred $56,839; in 2017-2018 We transferred $48,594 and in 2018-2019, we transferred $65,800. Yet, since Rhett became your Mayor and Stacy Tebo took over as Town Manager, The General Fund has taken all of your street and road money of over $215,000 a year leaving you with potholes.

By the way, Scott Gay, who has assisted this town greatly, has inquired of a municipal CPA.  whether the Local Option Fuel Tax funds must be kept in a restrictive fund and he received an affirmative answer.  So Walter, you can believe that what we Griffins tell you is totally a lie or you will do anything to do exactly the opposite of what we say, but all you have done throughout the years is hurt the people you are to represent.  So Walter, get your act in gear.  We the Griffins have spoken to every state department and its attorneys which the Department of Transportation suggested, and we do not make up things.  Rather, we tell you what we have been advised because we do not wish the Town to be in jeopardy, unlike you.   But of course, you would not accept Helen Miller’s letter to the Attorney General and Karen Hatton, esq was allowed to go unchecked where she virtually admited the wrongs we have done in White Springs.  No common sense there at all.

This year, Mayor Miller is suggesting that we do not move over money from the Enterprise account, but we will see what happens.  We would have loved to have seen Scott Gay as our CPA but unfortunately he has advised he has not kept up his certification for Municipal Accountants which is totally different in many ways than that of Business Accounting.


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