We need to educate others who cannot help themselves

The problem with getting all citizens  engaged, came out of the recent meeting with Superintendent Rex Mitchell and the Drug Coalition.

There are many who cannot read, much less write. Those who are in poverty cannot assist their children and if the parents do not have an education or finish high school, they certainly do not impress education on their children.  Their children have no hope, no future; which could provide them with the job or trade of their dreams.   Look at the younger parents and older parents who have an education or have worked in the real world; their children are going to college or trade school and making something of their selves.

The other problem except for the 10% utility tax which the Town Charges on electricity, propane, cable, telephone, etc. is that there is a homestead credit of $25,000 which is deducted from one’s taxes.  We even heard of a homeowner in White Springs who leaves the outside of their home in shambles but the inside is amazing, so that they have to pay no taxes. So if there are not any property taxes for the poor because of the conditions in which they live, they can only consider free things they feel the government, not the other taxpayers are providing them.  

The only other item that everyone is charged for are garbage, sewer and water and the sewer rates are four times the cost of any other town with of course a 10% utility tax on top of those charges.  So in order to not spend what they previously have spent, they have to conserve water, whether toilets, washing dishes, etc. and they then use Bud’s Suds to wash their clothing since Carol Stob has not increased her prices in spite of the high expenses she has endured.

And then you have people like Tonja Brown and Spencer Lofton who are on the council, who gives these poor people ideas of what the Town hopes to give them, to the detriment of the Tax base that forks out the real money. They do their shuck and jive and the Red-face Ratt, provides them some alcoholic beverages and money at times, so they do not wish to listen to anyone else except the Gang of Three, who by the way Brown and Lofton do not have a high education and Lofton has been fired from jobs including training ROTC and the children at the H.O.P.E. Program.  These two are in it for the money.

So for all the patriots, it is time you educated those who do not have the ability to read nor write and explain to them that if expenses keep increasing, those that are paying most of the tab will no longer be able to afford these things.  We need to help the children by parents programs along with their children that there is   hope and they can be anything they wish to be.  We need to speak to the children of the Town to know what it is that they wish to do and provide them the knowledge and advice of how to get there  

I have seen Children stealing or attempting to steal from the Dollar General Store.  Did their parents tell them that was wrong?  Do their parents go to church and seek help from ministers?  I see children trying to buy things, not understanding the pricing of items at the Store, and feel they can get many items for a dollar or two.  Now I and others, I am certain, have helped them out by paying the excess; but their morals are different.  If the offer is made, they will say, well I will get more and you have to say “No”.  Come on people, you chose the place you are in and I am realizing a democratic statement now to be true….”It Takes a Village to raise the children”.  And it does.

We apparently need to help those who cannot help themselves and let them know, that the Town is being ruined and the young family tax payers especially cannot afford to be assessed all this money by the Town of White Springs for lawyers, designer water, T shirts and higher taxes for promises which cannot be manifested without dire circumstances.

I am sick of the “Shuck and Jive” of Mayor Lofton which may make a person laugh, but he is a Liar and I cannot believe his relatives do not even call him out on it.  There’s no hope for the Bullard Family because they like people in poverty to stay that way so they are beholding to the so called “elite” which still have the Master/Plantation mentality themselves.

We need to do something to educate those who may not help themselves. There are a few items which can be brought to the forefront to these people..  (1) They could lose everything in a Fire because there is no fire department since our GREAT Firefighters were let go or forced to leave because of Town Management  (2)  That they are paying high sewer rates and the 10% utility rates; the latter which is not realized until it is pointed out  (3) Because of treating Dr. Miller and her benefactor Dr. Calder poorly, there no longer will be a H.O.P.E. After School program because the Town does not care about your children   (4)  We need an amber signal light at the corner crossing to the Dollar General from the East side of Mill Street, with slow down signs and a right of way for pedestrians.  Now the way it is they can be killed, especially if they wish to use the facilities of the Willie Guy Turner Park for Children   (5) The Drug Dealers and some officials allowing Drugs in White Springs may not only kill your children but you as well.  I remember how Lt. Cecil Brownfield told us how many children he rushed to emergency so they would stay alive.  What do we have now!  Instead of an “Excavator” we could have purchased an Ambulance for the Town under Kevin Pittman and the Fire Department with the other calls and money could have paid for much of their expenses if not all.  Now instead we have Century Ambulance and have to include Hamilton County Rescue and even Genoa and Jasper laugh at Stith and Greene knowing there is no help for the people of White Springs…but they dare not admit verbally.  (6)  The Sewer Pipes cracking or already cracked under the ground which will mix with your ground water or the aquifer. (7) The Asbestos water pipes on the east end of Town and the pipe breaks which may occur; which may mix with the sewage problem.  And there seems to be a lot of cancer victims in that part of town; plus the fact that even Andrew Greene,  The Town Manager and Staff drink designer water instead of Town Water.  Why do you think that may be the case?   (8)  That the drugs must be rid of because that also is a cause of pedophilia in this Town.  Watch your children!  Stay away from those using drugs, including the officials!  Call authorities like Drug Enforcement in Hamilton County because the Town Police and the Sheriff’s office have neutered police officers who are stuck between a rock and a hard spot if they wish to keep their job.


Karin for the blog  

P.S.  When I lived in Reno (and every other block in that Town seemed to have crime), I would work late and we are talking 10:00 pm at night in most cases and many weekends.  Many times, other than for the cleaning people, I had to go to the lot where my car was without appropriate lighting.  I found every night a group of teens who would skateboard off the decks steps and areas of the parking lot and I would have to pass them every night.  Unlike the people in my office, I admired their skateboard talents and I spoke to them every night and found them to be really pleasant and they appreciated that an adult would pay them respect and credence.  I told them to be careful so they would not be hurt but they assured me they were careful and knew what they were doing.  Then one day, my boss threatened them and treated them like the scum of the earth.   When I came out, they told me and I apologized for our office’s ignorance, that they needed a place to skateboard.   The next thing which happened is the walls were filled with graffiti and had to be sandblasted.  They never returned but I still remembered them and had a soft part in my heart for them.   They were wonderful kids who were never given a break, whose parents were in poverty and who other people did not provide any respect for their talents nor give them an opportunity.  It wasn’t as if the kids would sue. 

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