We don’t need a CPA but rather a Firing Squad who knows what it takes to make White Springs great again – Stage I

Terminating Stacy Tebo’s employment

Hiring a new Town Manager with assistance for him from volunteers at his request

Having the Town Council, change by resolution, be  responsible not only for the Police Department but also for the Fire Department so they are aware of the needs of both.  The New Town Manager of course will be involved on a day by day basis to listen to the requests of both departments and bring the information to the Town Council.  Both Departments may have separate accounts for donations and for events that enures to the benefit of police officers and firefighters.

New Town Manager interviews all employees hired by Stacy Tebo and determines whether there is efficiency and who does what job  A CPA can state we need to be rid of overhead, but it should be up to a new manager to determine who will do the best for White Springs and who must be eliminated.  This is a chance for a fair and equitable White Springs with no corruption. .

Each employee should fill out an eight hour time sheet so it can be determine what is done in an eight hour day for a week’s time

The new Manager must be given a plan of action as to what the Town Council wishes fixed and handled in the upcoming year, and once the manager chooses if he will retain certain employees or advertise for other employees, he will set up a plan of action for the Staff on a weekly basis.   He will also check on them in the field to assure everything is going well.

There is no question that Pam Tomlinson must retire.  Stacy Tebo knows nothing about finances and she allowed someone who knows less than her run our town into the Ground.  Although the Manager is not responsible for making up these financial reports it is necessary the Town Manager secure these reports from a competent person.  We either need an independent contractor or a “bookkeeper”.

We need to have a Town Clerk but one who is capable of multi tasking and making certain she has the right volunteers assisting her until the mess is cleaned up.  The Charter requires it and Anita Rivers is more proficient than any of those hired to get the job done.   Temporarily she may have to take on duties not considered hers until our finances are brought to order.

Come on Council, quit Stalling and do something!!!

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