We can’t spend what Tebo wants without cuts in personnel and selling off inventory

What I do not understand is Why Tebo decided that if we receive $100,000 from Rural Water that we should spend $250,000 More. There is a need for used equipment until such time as our Fire Department can afford more. When Thomas Brazil found the Windsor Truck at a really low cost of $15,000, Tebo would not even consider paying the entire amount and as a result everyone got flack for the Truck not being perfect and needing work on the Turbo and other areas for $3,000-4,000. But when Steve and Andrew needed anything, Tebo responded immediately and would not even consider getting a fire engine under $350,000. Ms. Tebo didn’t understand that the $100,000 would probably be sufficient but no, she wanted to give Steve and Andrew everything they wanted. The Town could put in an extra $50,000 to add to the $100,000 and get one heck of a Fire Engine/Pumper. There are so many used fire trucks and people like Tom Brazil would know more about asking the right questions about these pre-used vehicles than Tebo could. In fact, she didn’t know what a Turbo was and almost everyone owned a sports car in the day.

There are two grants which must go through fruition: The Fire Truck is important for the safety of all people especially if we can get our former firefighters back. But I trust Mr. Brazil can spend less than the $350,000 Stacy discussed and have a good Fire Truck for White Springs.

The Second pertains to the Hurricane Proof community Center. And to manage these projects it will mean our selling some inventory and cutting some employment.

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  1. Yes i can get the town a new fire truck for way less then 350,000 before i left the department i was working with two different dealers to get a new/used truck there are so many different ways to get a new engine. The reason we go the Windsor truck was to get it in service us it so we could sell or trade in the old truck for a newer one then once we got the we where going to get a grant to send the Windsor truck in to have it refurbished to like brand new then we would have 2 new trucks for little cost to the taxpayers. I would love to do this for the town of white springs but as of right now the town manager does not wish to bring us back so as of right now i will not help out because she obviously does not want our help. She has made no attempt to make contact with former chief Pittman which shows she doesn’t not give two shits about this town or its citizens safety.

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