Was it abuse that caused blackouts or a Bribe by the Ratt or Extortion to get what he wants…a good question

Through my lifetime I have had gay friends and one gay boss.  As long as they do not go into their personal life I do not care what they do in the bedroom…..except, when I knew Cousin Bobby Townsend molested young boys and heard from more than one source that Rhett had sex with a juvenile himself; that set me off.  Frankly it gives me that sick nauseous feeling and I could NEVER look at those types of Tapes relating to these cousins. I would have to send them to law enforcement hoping what was on them was what was expected as evidence.

It is bad enough what Rhett has been doing to our Town financially, but I can state that what is done to a juvenile will be remembered for the rest of their lives, unless they block it out.  And, even then there is an edge and it can come back.  I feel that anyone who molests or rapes children needs to be on the list of “Sexual Predators” and spend jail time.  No one should touch or molest your children.  It is not something one forgets.

In the case of Andrew Greene, there appears to be two things which make him favored.   Hiding or Tampering with the Evidence on Townsend so that he, Townsend, was not incarcerated.  But no one really knows if Andrew was drugged and raped or if he did it willingly; obviously with his blackouts that may be the case.  But unfortunately, all of this may be across Hamilton County.  If it was not someone who had been previously arrested, and not a police officer, DNA will not assist in this investigation.

It seems to me someone knew or was told exactly where to find these recordings of Rhett’s and it may not be a monetary thing but perhaps something to indict him.  

Even with the prisoners, they could not take any more of Townsend and no longer wished to work at White Springs.  They felt that the man who did that to them would be incarcerated, but rather the evidence was found.

I actually feel sorry for his Wife and Dad (Andrew’s).  I know he (Andrew) and his cousin were not very nice to me or Joe and tried to set something on fire when throwing firecrackers at our jeep and house>  Yet, in the Town of White Springs when I moved here, there were only but a couple of neighbors who were nice to us…so what does it matter.

I hate to see people hurt and it appears Rhett Bullard, Robert Townsend and Johnny Bullard, all cousins, should stick to themselves and actual adult males who are like them.  I believe Johnny does but not the other two from other sources we have heard from.  Obviously Andrew is happily married and even though Johnny was married for 12 days in a Halloween Costume  bash at the First Baptist Church, it lasted only 12 days because the marriage was not consummated so he took a guy friend on his honeymoon. 

I still do not feel that Andrew has done the right thing.  He should not have allowed the cousins to bribe him or give him a job, paying him good money for basically doing nothing.  That is not a real man.  A real man sticks up for his rights, whether hurt or not.  They address the issues and contact law enforcement and they certainly would not be bribed to retain the fire truck and credit cards for their personal use.  His Daddy has to look at how he raised him?  Frankly, even as a girl, if someone did something to me I fought back.  My daughter is the same way.  And that is how everyone should be…….unless Andrew is using Extortion to get what he wishes.

He has had ample time to tell the States Attorney about tampering with evidence and advise FDLE about sexual abuse if that is what happened to him.  And his Daddy should know right from wrong.


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