Walter McKenzie has seen the Light

I was looking at Walter   McKenzie’s Campaign information of 2012 .  At that time, you can see, he had no bragging rights of what he has done for the Town of White Springs and that has recently changed, somewhat.       Whether it was the fact that someone almost died because of the lack of a fire department or whether he has realized how incompetent Stacy Tebo is, it matter’s not.   He obviously has seen the light
What had McKenzie done in 2012:  He voted at least 250 times with Helen Miller; He never missed a council meeting and that was part of his duty as an elected official  At that time he did 80 Newspaper columns which was a function of better government???   He attended 20 Broadband meetings but that did not help the organization misspending 30 million dollars of Taxpayer money and it fell flat on its face;  He attended eight Suwannee League of Cities meetings. He attended 10 CSO meetings.   He attended four White Springs Special Event Committee Meetings and we were told the Special Events Committee asked him to cease attending because he talked incessantly.   He attended five School Board meetings but did not save South Hamilton Elementary. He attended four Hamilton County Commission meetings. He pledged to increase your sewer rates five times, but what really was the problem?
He hated Joe because he lost his sales position through a complaint made by Joe Griffin to his boss that which he was using his elected official position  to have the Town use Rental equipment through him and his firm.   Of course, you all know that Townsend made certain Joe lost his job as well after working for someone for ten years, which I believe is the reason for his disability.
McKenzie also started  a folk event and he was supposedly taking donations to pay for the talent and to pay for door prizes.  Yet it did not pay for either and he put the money in his pocket.  Plus he also did not have to pay for the facilities but used his position to secure special benefit so Joe turned him into the ethics commission and he had to go to Tallahassee.   The type of event we are speaking of is similar to that which Scott Gay provides privately and for free for those artists during the folk festival after hours at his home.
Then there was the dog situation which we discussed previously where “Snoopy” was stolen from a little girl and became the McKenzie dog while the little girl cried until her parents moved.   Of Course McKenzie called Joe Griffin a liar and the reason he put up his initial fencing by his house was so Joe could not make a step toward him.   When Joe did one day,  McKenzie punched Joe in the Chest and bragged to everyone in Town how he took a swipe at Joe Griffin. Joe would not hit hit back but could have.   It is just like what short little Mike Harris did one day.   Harris decided to come up the stars where Joe was sitting on the porch in his chair and Hit Joe in the mouth.   Joe could have pulverized him to but did not.  Yet Harris tried to run over our dog  which was chained at the time and has made other threats along with his brother in law.  What a great group of people.
But of course McKenzie was prominent in getting the Camel Club to harass and put us in continual fear and for someone like me who had never seen people be so hateful , it was one of the worse event I had lived through other than fighting for the ranch against attorneys which was much easier because one could put a face to the documents.  But Joe and I stuck together in spite of the lies and threats against us and Walter remained part of the RICO division while the other division barraged us with e-mails similar to the ones Greene sends us occasionally but worse.
So even if we had great ideas, if we said “Yes” Walter would say “No”.   If Joe told the truth about someone being an abuser Walter stated we were liars and that is why no one listens to us.  We have been fighting for our firefighters for Two years and have sent much paperwork from the firefighters themselves to McKenzie and he initially until recently ignored everything which was sent.
All I can say is Joe is a bit like Donald Trump as am I.  We both counter punch and if someone doesn’t like it so be it. We only strive for the truth and what is best for the people and if Officials do not believe that, then they have not done their own investigations of what is going wrong.  With Walter, he has never walked in our shoes and realized how horrid he has been to us, but whatever woke him up, we are finally happy he has seen the light.
Karin for the blog

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