He didn’t know shit from shine o la. Since he didn’t do the budget he knew very little about it. Said one council member said about his showing tonight “it was pitiful.”

If you thought Tommie was incompetent tonight would affirm your belief. What’s most telling about tonight’s meeting was that the trio, Cousins all, got a chance to see his incompetence on full display. “Michael said this and Michael said that” Tommie said. Doing a budget is the first item of what a town manager is supposed to do. Tommie proved tonight that he can’t do it. While the meeting was productive it could have been much more so if Tommie just knew some of what he was talking about. His one definitive statement he made was that 16% of homeowners pay the ad valorem tax when the real figure iw !5%. What an asshole, like one % of the numbers of taxpayers can make that much difference. His solution to the budget shortfall is to make the Ad valorem 6% which is 2 !/2 percentage points above what the law allows. But what does Tommie know or care, the law doesn’t apply to a black man who has risen well beyond is competence level. The only reason we hired him is because he is BLACK, Tonight we saw the fallacy of that line of thinking. Garbage in garbage out. Tonight we saw a whole bunch of garbage out of the garbage we put into the position.

But the most negative thing I can say about his performance tonight is that, if it was me, I would have been embarrassed. Not Tommie, he’s just a poor ignorant fool who doesn’t deserve the position he is in. If you don’t believe me ask Nikki and Anita, they were certainly embarrassed by his showing.

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