Three people still needed to handle sewer and water and the 16% were destined to pay over $33K

Every year we submit a 6 mill rate to the county, but drop it substantially to four point something mill rate. The reason to go to six is because one cannot increase the rate but may decrease the rate. In White Springs Joe Indicated the Ad Valorem taxes are paid by 15% of the residents to which Tommie Jones said it is now 16%. Nevertheless, Mr. Jones said that it was going to be left at the six mill figure increasing Taxed revenue from $73,000 budgeted in 2019-2020 to $80,963.53 Actual figures to $107,198 to be paid by 15% of the Town. Furthermore Joe indicated that one could not go more than 10% over what the rate was charged last year. Attorney Logan agreed.

Mayor Miller said that Tommie Jones needs to find another way to increase the income rather than charging the 15-16% of the Citizens paying those taxes. Mayor Miller wishes the rate to remain as it was last year. At .006, the Ad valorem Tax Revenue would be $112,840 and we need it rolled back to $79,044. The Budget for Ad Valorem taxes increased by $33,796. In any event, as Joe Griffin Stated and Attorney Logan agreed, it could not be increased by that substantial a percentage and Attorney Logan was to check the statutes to determine the rate and get back to Tommie Jones.

Tommie Jones stated Mr. Whitehead left it that way because of the shortfall in the Sewer Tax which is about $16,000. He said that we are going to have to increase the base and he and Mike discussed this. Water and Sewer has a base rate of $54.22 and it needs to be increased because it is too low. He said that he and Mike will check around.

Mayor Miller asked about the salaries involved in the Enterprise account and Tommie Jones said his salary is split 21% Sewer operations; 16% Water Operations and 13% sanitation for 50% Enterprise Account and 50% General Fund. He states he spends a lot of time at the Sewer and Water plants as well. Since Tommie is a consultant, Mayor Miller reminded him that it was not a salary but rather it should be placed as professional services.

Tommie Jones is going to check on the base rates around us and determine what to do.

What shocks me is the fact that Ray Vaughn has only passed his wastewater exam and has not passed the Water exam. Furthermore although Mr. Davis is still necessary he is only paid $8.00 an hour and comes in five days a week at about $400 a week or $20-22,000 a year. But now we have two people plus Tommie Jones half the time handling sewer in water. When Townsend was manager he handled his manager position plus the sewer and water plant. Now I don’t know what Andrew did, but Davis did not spend that much time with him….perhaps a year or so but after Andrew received his two tickets, he handled the job. Now we need three people. Unbelievable.

Then Curtis Johnson and Kenny Hutcherson handled all of the mowing, cleanup, etc. Now we have Benjamin Fry on board who makes $14 an hour and his medical expenses have been more expensive than Ray Vaughn’s making the amount he is paid far more than Vaughn who has been here longer. Since our police lieutenant doesn’t make $14 an hour he indicated that he should mow lawns; he would make more money.

Now Benjie Fry gets to work on Highway 41 and everyone says how good a job he does; I can guarantee if one put Curtis on that Job he would do a great job as well. He was Stacy Tebo’s last hire and we need to cut staff somewhere. Since he was the last to come on, he should be the first to go or put him on part-time. But remember working under 30 hours a week, per President Obama’s rules, one does not have to pay for his medical and life insurance. I’m for giving him notice to find another job. Curtis could easily do what Benjie does and probably better and he has been with us for 10 year or more. As for Ray Vaughn, we shouldn’t have to have three people working at the water and sewer plant full time. It’s absurd. Andrew could do the job in an hour or two and Townsend had it mastered for about the same time frame giving him much freedom within his job.

Karin for the blog

PS Ray apparently was seen mowing our berm and he only mowed 1/2 of it which was funny. We have someone cut our lawn, the Erixtons’, every other week so no one needs to cut our berm. That is pretty much the case for all our neighbors as well.

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  1. Correction guys Mr. Davis is still necessary he is only paid $80.00 per day for 1 hour and comes in five days a week 1 hr a day..

  2. Mr. Brazil; Thank you for providing the correct amount Mr. Davis is paid. Even being in the room, I can’t understand Tommie Jones distinctly. The problem is I fully do not agree with you. One has to pass both the Water and Wastewater exams and spend one year in training. Mr. Vaughn has had a year of training but has not passed his water exam and I can’t understand why when it should take only a month or two to complete both. As far as Tommie Jones is concerned, when Joe gave him all the course work and books he said he could pass both almost right away because he remembered everything but it is amazing, that never happened. He had his eye on the Town Manager position and frankly Ray Vaughn should have passed both exams within that year and be the only one working water and wastewater. If Andrew got picked on for only an hour at each site, and doing nothing thereafter, why is it we need three people at the plants. Well I know the answer, someone can’t pass their exams and we don’t know if Tommie could again either. Karin for the blog

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