Thomas Brazil Sr. felt compelled to respond to anonymous Johnny and his personal attacks. These are where our concerns should lie


Dear Johnny,
              I will not go tit for tat with you on stupid comments, but I am surprised that you are so interested in my son and his personal life. Just FYI, I did assist him in purchasing a home by holding a private mortgage for which he makes monthly mortgage payments, not that it’s any of your business. If I had known at the time how evil, petty, and utterly contumacious, many of the elite in White Springs are I would certainly have encouraged him to buy a home elsewhere. At the time he really cared about the Town and was involved with the WSFD. Where better for a volunteer to live than across the street from the Fire department to provide quick response, yet now it is acceptable to have a volunteer list of members only 3 members whom live in Town, only 1 of whom is a certified fire fighter, but I digress. I find it utterly egregious of you Johnny to have stooped to childish Romper Room name calling and personal attacks, but what more can one expected of little minds. What you need to do is focus on the real issues in WS such as:
  • A failing sewer and water system run by an individual who I understand has yet to pass the State licensing exam to operate such systems and is still uncertified even after the Town used your money to hire a tutor to get him to pass.
  • Residents paying the highest sewer rates of any utility in North Central FL. As well, according to the Town auditor, selling more water to citizens than the Town pumps out of the ground. Again taking more of your money.
  • A Town that spends 75% of the local option gas tax on everything and anything but transportation and roads and you must drive on streets full of cracks and potholes. Now they purchase a Mini Track Hoe to try and divert attention and show they are spending the gas tax money appropriately since DOT is looking into this. Yet the Town won’t clean out drainage culverts that the Town installed.
  • Being taxed by the Town for your cable, telephone, satellite, and Internet via a communications tax. Again taking more of your money.
  • A Town that gives away $3,000 of your money to a sue crazy nut who I would not let anywhere near my dogs, let alone my kids, yet rebukes and throws Helen Miller off the Town Council for managing the HOPE program.
  • A Town Council that puts a junior and recently elected first term Council Member in as Town Mayor to maintain a voting block of 3 enabling the group to do anything they want.
  • A Town that votes based on the color of one’s skin, not based on their character.


  • Parks and playgrounds with drug paraphernalia and needles all over the ground.
  • Having a Town where employees are given take home vehicles while living many miles from Town thus leaving Town residents to foot the bill spending more of your money.
  • Having a Town Manager who for petty reasons destroyed a function and dedicated Volunteer Fire Department to having a dysfunctional Fire Department whose main focus has been to compile a list of volunteer members who do not live in, or near, the Town to actually respond and fight fires.

In the next Town election ask yourself before you vote is White Springs getting better of worst, have your property values increased or decreased, are your other taxes, sewer rates, water rates, going up or down, have Town services and Town management improves or gotten worse. It’s your Town you live here treat it as such.

Unlike you Johnny I won’t hide and I will put my name to this.


Thomas W. Brazil

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  1. Johnny Boy is a real coward. He shouldn’t be given the satisfaction of having his comments published if he can’t sign his name. PUNK!

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