This is what the Budgets state the Town Gets from your utility taxes

I would imagine the people of White Springs would like to know what they are paying in Electrical and Propane Utility Tax which as of 2000 is a flat 10%.  Under the Electrical Utility revenue is estimated at $52,600 with Propane Utility Tax of $1,750. .  This latter tax is really low because my understanding is that Fat Belly’s pays $1,000 a month for Propane as does Bud’s Suds.  That would be $24,000 a year of which for both commercial businesses which would equal $2,184 give or take.  Insofar as the rest of us, we also pay for propane to heat the pool in the cold months as well as for our commercial stove….and there are others who also purchase propane to heat their homes… $1,750 does not make a lot of sense to me.


Also there should be shown a tax on phones, because it is taken out of our Windstream account as well as Verizon Cellular even though it is not only a small percentage of what the electrical tax is for white Springs…plus of course there is a 10% tax on Water of $12,000 and a Sewer Tax of $15,500.  This is what you all are paying for because the Town needed to pay a $100,000 loan in order to pay the IRS in 1998 or 1999 which has long been paid for but for which the Tax continues with no specific purpose.That is probably why the Town is Charging you $105,000 for Waste Pro when their actual expenditure is $85,000 so they collect and additional $20,000 for your garbage collection which the Town can put in their coffers.  Nice!


Using the Town’s figures, these taxes equate to $101,850 annually  and our Ad Valorem Property Taxes are only $73,000 because only a percentage of the base with homes valued over $25,000 homestead deduction,  pay taxes. The rest of the people pay no property taxes if their homes are valued at $25,000 or less.


And then there are those people who have abandoned lots where buildings are deteriorated, some with wells, which are falling apart and which not only are a safety hazard,  a fire hazard and an attractive nuisance for children which fall under the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine of common law.  A Fire Fee or a Police Fee could be charged those homes, but the Town is reluctant for some reason.  I guarantee if a child get’s hurt or dies, the Town will be responsible and to heck with the Town’s so called immunity.


Besides the utility taxes, Duke Energy has to pay the Town Electricity Franchise Fees of $42,820 in order to be able to provide electricity to Residents in the Town of White Springs.


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