These are the duties a Water Distribution System Operator must be able to perform. This is not Andrew!

With all the toxicity coming from the Phosphate Plant, it is amazing no one has been required to take a course in the Water Distribution System for White Springs.  Yet, this is what Andrew should be doing if he undertakes the Job or White Springs is required to get someone who does.  Since it took Andrew approximately one year and one-half to finally complete his operator’s certificate, this may be insurmountable but yet it is necessary for the safety of our water to have an experienced Water Distribution Systems Operator…not a flunkie that Rhett Bullard puts in because he needs people to hide his illicit behaviors and that of Cousin Townsend.  One has to be a dummy to trade sex for a benefit!  Or, better yet, hiding paraphernalia so that the Townsend would not go to jail for forcing inmates to have sex with him.


What a course will teach you.

  1. Explain the State and Federal water quality requirements for water distribution systems
  2. Describe how a water distribution system is designed and constructed
  3. Describe the operation and maintenance tasks of the water distribution system operator
  4. Be able to solve math problems required of the water distribution system operator
  5. Describe problems found in distribution systems and corrective action
  6. Demonstrate the ability to take mulitiple choice tests

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