The Stith Fake Fire Department of White Springs Budget

You  will recall at the September 11th meeting article, I mentioned that Steve Stith was asking the County for $30,000 because I guess he felt two men in flip flops and shorts deserved such money.  But wait, I also heard that if White Springs does not show up for a fire, Chief Land will deduct $1,500 from the $30,000 and if they do not answer a call, $750 is deducted.  I guess Hamilton County wants the Stith Fake Fire Department to work for their money.  I thought it was great!  After all, why should they pay a non-working department.


Previously we received $17,000 from Hamilton County and when Chief Pittman and the Brotherhood represented the White Springs Fire and Rescue, they worked their tails off and everyone knew it.  News travels fast that White Springs Fire Department has people on the roster that are not even near White Springs and even Andrew Greene who is dangerous at a fire and his wife Dominique, live in Lake City.  But the funny thing is Andrew Greene especially does not agree to respond when he is in Lake City watching soap operas.  Oh, wait, are we sure he is watching soap operas or videos like the ones Rhett Bullard lost.


Well, our new Budget shows the $30,000 but I wonder if the contract has been worked out.  It is criminal what Rhett Bullard’s friends do in White Springs….but he has to keep Andrew Greene happy, especially for tampering with evidence.  



$  6,073.00  Fire Salaries (Budgeted AT $5,896 IN FY  2017-2018 with $4,075.70 actual)
$   5,000.00  Fire Fee Salaries
$       848.00  FICA Tax
$   1,900.00  Professional Service – Alarm
$  2,200.00   Communication Services
$   2,500.00   Utility Services – Fire
$  11,043.00  Fire Dept. Insurance  
$     3,100.00  Operating Supplies
$    20,000.00   Capital Outlay Repairs/ Maintenance
$       5,000.00   Capital Outlay Loan Payment (They must have to keep the Windsor Truck)
We’ll see if Louie Goodin tells Land to give us $30,000 for doing less without removing money each time a call is missed.  Every time one mentions The White Springs Fire Department whether in Hamilton County, with officials or with other firefighters, they smirk and laugh but dare not say anything.  If Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo think they are fooling people, someone has to break it to them genteelly as to not tarnish their egos..  Everyone thinks our Fire Department is a laughing Stock and the Gang of Three and Tebo let it happen. 


The Fire Department also has $1,500 in Income for Fundraising Events.


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