The state of our 2019-2020 FY Budget

The Additional 10% tax you pay on electric utility service as well as the Propane Utility Tax charged of $1,500 earns the Town $55,500 in total. And the Ad Valorem Tax is estimated at $73,000 in the new budget.     Again the proposed budget shows an interfund Transfer to the General Fund from the Water and Sewer Enterprise fund of $55,095 which is less than the $65,806 transferred in the current year.

Although the Town Council is considering the $192,228 Local Option Fuel Taxes to be held in a special restrictive fund, don’t expect your street and roads to be fixed in White Springs.  They haven’t from the $210,738 estimated last year and we don’t have a cent to show except for the stretch of road in front of Lofton’s lair.  It doesn’t matter if it is against the law because our Council can’t seem to get answers but won’t ask other accounting firms or the Florida League of Cities who also should know.  Furthermore, there is a hint when Jennings and Jasper each has a restrictive account for Transportation purposes only.

At least this year, the Fire Department is not listing $30,000 in income since they are $27,500 over last year'[s budget, but rather showing $10,000.  This means White Springs is still planning on not having a valid fire department and earning only $2,500 per quarter for no work whatsoever.  The Volunteer Fire Department however plans on a fund raiser which will earn $500.  From the Expense side, $59,294 is listed for repairs maintenance, operating supplies, utility services communication services travel and training salaries and Capital Outlay. This type of problem never existed with our previous firefighters who actually made money to offset expenses and including over $5,000 earned in fund raisers.  But we had to keep Greene on so Stith has to be our Chief in spite of one one wishing to work for him.

The Police Department Income in the budget for fines, education, copies and golf cart permits totals $2,675.

Special Event income is anticipated at $9,010 which includes the Festival of Lights, Azalea Festival and TDC Grant of $1000.  The Town also receives an electricity Franchise Fee of $44,000.    In addition to the Cell Tower Rental Fee of $20,092, the Town hopes to make an additional $3,650 for equipment rental service fees, community center and amphitheater rental.

On Local Business Tax, Mobile Home licenses, Beverage licenses and LDR compliance and sign permits, the town anticipates income of $4,450.

In the income of the General Budget, we show the various grants/contributions as follows:

USDA-RD Fire Engine of $285,000  (of course we will receive only $100,000 from the USDA); FDOT SCOP for Kendrick of $262,825; FDOT SCOP Mill Street of $193,417; Ballfield of $50,000; Carver Community Center of $600,000; State Fire Marshall – Fire Grant of $35,703; FMIT Safety Grant of $2,000 and other Contributions of $2,000 for a total of $1,430,945. When one looks at the expenses to be incurred for these grants, we show a total $1,108,242 with the USDA-RD Fire Engine showing separately of $285,000.  If Added however to the $1,108,242, we have total expenses of $1,393,242 and Grant income of $1,430,945.  At the Workshop, Ms. Tebo contended that we technically will not have to include our portion of the contributions on the Community Center for instance, until after it is built.  Nevertheless, whether now or later, we will still owe the money.   Nothing comes for free but most of the council and our Town Manager don’t seem to realize that.

We also receive discretionary Sales Tax of $69,188; Communication Service Tax of $21,702, State Revenue Sharing of $38,064 and Half-cent sales tax of $38,252 for a total of $167,206, in addition to the $192,228 Local Option Fuel Tax.  So you can see by our disintegrated roadways that we did not use the local Option Fuel Tax for its intended purpose,.  Yet our income from all taxation except the utility taxes which we are assessed, last year’s money of $370,907 was totally used up by our Staff and Town Manager, for what we do not know.  Nevertheless,  we only have a month and one half of cash flow, so it is obvious someone is not handling our budget well.

What was not previously mentioned is that we anticipate miscellaneous revenue and rebates or reimbursements of $8,510 and we show the DOT State Highway Lighting System and the DOT Greenscape money from the FDOT of $48,713.   Therefore our Total Income is shown as $2,276,157 for the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year.


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