The RHATT Pack Watch Day 152

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 152


Today is Monday, September 24th, Day 152 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Since the break-in at the Ratt’s Lair, the Red-face Ratt has tried to keep a lower than normal slithering profile in White Springs.  It appears that someone is in possession of the mother lode of Ratt’ related evidence concerning illicit drug and sexual activities at or associated with the Lair.


The Ratt should have known better.  In fact the Ratt should have known that if he keeps doing the same thing (that is, amassing compromising data) and he expects a different outcome (that is, no one taking it) he’s a fool who is kidding himself.


A knowledgeable source reports that the theft of these compromising materials has created considerable concern among the “Cousins” as well as other current and former sexual partners and Suppliers.  Everyone is trying to determine who, and during what activity, may have been recorded by the Ratt.  You know what the Ratt is like, he probably wanted as much compromising materials as he could capture concerning everyone he was associated with.


It appears the “Cousins’ have concluded, it’s highly likely the Ratt was holding compromising materials on all of them.  The issue becomes what happens if, and when, any of these very explicit materials make their way to Jacksonville?  You can be certain the Ratt’s going to take care of himself.  He’s had a “Going to Prison” party and he’s toured the Gulf Correctional Institution in Wewahitchika, but if the Ratt can tender someone else in his place, he will.  The “Cousins” and Suppliers have recognized some, or all, of them could be run over by the Ratt’s bus if they aren’t careful.  f course, none of the “Cousins” are excited by the prospect of the Ratt delivering that experience to them.  And according to the source, each of them is aware that whoever, or whatever, makes it to Jacksonville first is likely to have the best overall experience and outcome.


The Feds indicate it’s been extremely busy in Jacksonville for the last week or so.  Apparently the number of “Cousins” and Suppliers who have made the trip, looking for some type of deal, has been far greater than normal.  “Cousins”/Suppliers from various parts of Hamilton County have been seen coming and going on a regular basis.  Everyone knows what might have precipitated this rather sudden uptick in the number of individuals wanting to talk and explore deal opportunity.


Now, it’s all about the deals and timing.  Deals can be offered with little, or no, notice or fanfare.  So when the right time comes, the deals need to be acted upon.  If not, deals can be withdrawn or expire.  And what a better place to explore all potential deals than Jacksonville.
As you are aware, the Feds have an open door policy.  They are always interested in talking, anytime, to anyone with valuable insights to share.  Apparently the “Cousins” and Suppliers believe they have something worth sharing and they want to talk deals before the Ratt takes a run at one or more of them with a bus, or the compromising materials end up in the appropriate hands in Jacksonville.


If anyone has anything to add to the conversations taking place in Jacksonville, now would probably be the time to make that disclosure.  One way or another, sooner or later, everything concerning nepotism, embezzlement, retaliation, pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, drugs, bribes, fraud and other corrupt activities anywhere in White Springs is going to come out.  And when it does, the deals that have been made will become exceedingly important.  Could be pink handcuffs for those who have waited too long.
If you are part of the tangled mess or just have information to share, call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000 while time is still on your side.


Avoid recordings by the Ratt.  It’s Day 152 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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