The RHATT Pack Watch Day 151


The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 151


Today is Sunday, September 23rd, Day 151 of the Rhatt Pack Watch


Spencer Lofton feels he is the sole ruler of White Springs so the citizenry with voices he targets
He doesn’t understand the differences between State operated organizations and actual markets
His remarks are populist and vaguely worded so as to deflect uninformed attacks and honest descriptions
From Spencer Lofton’s point of view, socialism works  better than capitalism and are deemed his prescriptions
He feels that as the Ruler of White Springs who has never had real ownership of anything much
He has the right  to all private ownership in White Springs, including wages and profits which should be in the his clutch.
His plans for the town are purely collective
And If he gets his way he will tax the citizens to death which is right from his perspective
Only he should be the decision maker of how money is spent and with no one he needs to confide
And his family will always come first because there is no nepotism law that he must abide
He is all for distributing resources rationally in an economy
As long as the resources somehow line the pockets of his family and friends astronomically
He feels the free market price mechanism is wrong and that people individually should not have the ability
To decide how resources should be distributed based on their willingness to give money for which he has hostility
The money everyone makes should come to him and his family and friends
Because he feels he has more knowledge as to how this socialistic actions should end
He feels he knows what is best for the Town under his direction
And while he and his friends steal money  the citizenry has no conception
And   surely he should require a greater amount of taxes because he needs a larger share
from the Citizens so that he may have the opportunity to be the Ruler of White Springs and get a better “Lair”
After all Socialism is all about Spencer Lofty who has never had much of his own
So he feels the Citizens should share what they have earned so that he can have a better home
And all the money the White Springs Government can take from the Citizens while they were not looking
So that the working class have to take care of those on Welfare and be on equal footing
Soon the Working Class will not be able handle any more taxing which has caused them to lose their property
And why should they work and pay all these taxes to the Ruler of White Springs and his family and friends while they are in dire poverty
They can no longer afford the necessities of life
While Lofty brings in more money for his family and wife
Yes Lofty is truly the Despot of White Springs
Who does not allow anyone a voice on most things
He has truly never cared for any of you who voted for him
He just wished to be the Ruler of White Springs and it does not matter that your conditions are grim
You have no longer a voice and as soon as he has a chance you will not have any money for yourself
While he lives in Luxury with money to spare while he laughs at the pitiful sign of others whose food and money were withheld
For he is the Ruler of White Springs and he knows what is best for the Town
And like former president Obama, he feels his words are profound
He expects you to bow before him or else you be shackled
While he causes you financial pain because everything in  your life has been dismantled
Don’t let Lofty Get his way for his form of Socialism
We do not have to pay for lazy mouthy tyrants who cause this much cataclysm
As we have seen with countries like Venezuela and even Sweden whose tax is 65%, under Socialism to give free things to everyone, sooner or later, there is no more money to spare and not only are the poor in jeopardy but those of the working class who have been made to go into poverty.  Spencer Lofton and the “Gang of Three” love to spend OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY without any planning or realization that what they are doing in most cases are illegal and self-serving. In a socialistic world the government takes over all private and public companies and forces those able to work by giving them a pittance, while they profit from every aspect of the economy.  They care not for you so what care you for what they Be?
You are entitled to a better government than this? How many of your wasted, misused or stolen dollars is to much?  How much are they going to tax you. It is time you had a voice and put a stop to this.  You need to get involved and demand what is necessary to have a fruitful life.

Stay away from the illicit Socialism of the Ratt and “idi Amin Dada Mini Me” Lofty or you will find yourself in poverty.   It’s Day 151 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!


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