The RHATT Pack Watch Day 142

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 142


Today is Friday, September 14th, Day 142 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Welcome to White Springs; Florida’s dirty little secret.  White Springs quite possibly is the home of the Most Tax increase Prone Town in the history of the State of Florida.  That’s right.  The biggest TAX increase ever seen is about to land on your backs.  Think about it!


White Springs has a number of revenue sources for all of the operations of the Town.  Some of these revenue sources are unrestricted; some are restricted.  The unrestricted revenues can be used for any legal purpose you determine, either directly or indirectly through your elected representatives, and these funds are appropriate.  The amount of unrestricted funds available to White Springs are marginally sufficient to pay for essential Town Services.


Restricted revenue funds can only be used for the restricted purpose of those funds.  One of the largest revenue sources available to White Springs are the Fuel Tax Revenues which are restricted to transportation projects.


For the past three years, the Red-face Ratt, the “Gang of Three” and his Lapdog have wasted, misused or outright have stolen over a half-million dollars of restricted Fuel Tax revenues.  That half-million dollars, if used appropriately, could have repaved any number of streets like Mill, Sunrise, Bridge and others, that are desperately in need of repair.  But no, the Ratt and Lapdog squandered those funds on raises, bonuses, invoices for work that was never rendered, designer clothing, designer drinks, rewards to the Ratt’s boytoys, and more.
In the last three years, less than $10,000 of asphalt has been used to patch a few holes in White Springs’ roads and streets and more of that went to repairs in front of Suck-up Lofty’s house.  The residents of White Springs get screwed.
So why is a tax increase coming?  It’s simple!  There are very limited discretionary, unrestricted revenues available to White Springs and there is at least one very expensive project White Springs must undertake.  White Springs must complete the rehabilitation and upgrade of its wastewater collection system.  It needs to be done for your drinking water safety reasons, but also because the State is in the process of eliminating all septic systems.


Both State and Federal officials studying Florida’s water supplies have concluded the aquifers are at risk due to septic system waste flows into the drinking water supply.  This means no one can revert to a septic system and the White Springs’ wastewater collection system must not leak.


Originally, this project would have cost White Springs about $150,000, due to nearly 95% State funding.  However, delays and inaction caused the State to revise and lower its funding support to about 80% increasing the White Springs costs to about $500,000 plus  the interests costs.


And now, the Ratt and Suck-up have proposed to acquire South Hamilton Elementary.  While an interesting facility, SHE has been described by Hamilton County School officials as in need of a $1,000,000 of repairs and is a FIRE TRAP, which cannot be defended with White Springs’ current infrastructure.


So where are the funds coming from to finance fixing the wastewater collection system, and the SHE repairs, plus a $500,000 to $1,000,000 upgrade to White Springs water system to permit the SHE FIRE TRAP to be defensible.

The Ratt and Suck-up must have been smoking weed to have this “pipe-dream”   No matter how much they hope and wish, there won’t be any additional outside revenue from SHE use.  It’s a cost, not a profit center.  Any additional funds are coming from your pockets in the form of higher taxes and fees.    You’ll pay more for the water and sewer.  You”ll pay more for real estate taxes.  You’ll pay more for pass-through utility taxes.  And you’ll pay more for anything the State let’s White Springs add to any other taxes they can think of.


Everyone, no matter what tax exemption you may have, will be paying higher taxes and fees for the next thirty years.  White Springs needs to resolve the wastewater collection system problem.  White Springs can’t afford an additional very high operating cost facility in need of additional millions in repairs and upgrades to make it safe.

Just look at the unplanned and expensive repairs being encountered in Lake City regarding facility plans by both the City and the County.  They have revenues and White Springs doesn’t.  Get involved before it’s too late.  Clean up White Springs!  Let the FBI office in Jacksonville (904)248-7000 KNOW ABOUT THE OFFICIALS WASTING, MISUSING AND STEALING YOUR MONEY.



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