The RHATT Pack Watch Day 130

The RHATT Pack Watch

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Today is Sunday, September 2nd, Day 130 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.

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 It’s the Labor Day Weekend and we hope you are all having fun
Camping, traveling, listening to bands or just laying out in the sun
The Town of White Springs is in Shambles
While the Gang of Three is celebrating with their rambles
Of how they plan to hurt those who really care about White Springs
With the various lawsuits and Charges they will help the Befaithful’ stings
For their benefit to spend money as they wish
Without Miller and McKenzie who they plan to ditch
Yet there are ethics charges still in the Wind
Which Tebo and the Gang of three will surely be pinned
And then who will have the last laugh
When one of the State Agencies or FDLE becomes White Springs Staff
You may have to pay back all of the Local Option Fuel Tax monies wasted
Which everyone in Town has Long Awaited
To bad the Gang of Three Feels they are above the Law
But Times are changing and soon your seats you may have to withdraw
Because nothing too good or too bad lasts for too long
And soon you will be found by the law as the ones who have been wrong

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Don’t Trust  The Ratt, Suck-up Mini-me Lofty,  Mindless, Splain it to Me and Lapdog, Just keep paying me!  What are you waiting for White Springs?  When is enough, enough?  The Ratt and his “Gang of Three have done more damage to White Springs and its Citizens than anyone in the Town’s History.   It is time you called the FBI office in Jacksonville  (904) 248-7000 and be the Patriot you should be.


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