The Historical Structure Form Data from the Florida Site File

For some reason I was unable to change the Historical Structure Form from a PDF to a DOC and this is the first time neither Joe or I could not make the change.

The form itself has a photo of the Carver school as well as diagrams of the land.

historical structure form

florida site file

Version 2.0
Site # 8HA225
Recorder # 045
Field Date:  08/20/95
Form Date: 12/11/95
Survey # 4522
Survey:          TOWN OF WHITE SPRINGS
National Register Category:  BUILDING
In Current City Limits:   YES
Nearest City/Town:    WHITE SPRINGS
Subdivision Name:  RENAUDS
Ownership:   CITY
Name of Public Tract:  BOYS & GIRLS CLUB
Township:  2 S     Range:  16E    Section 8    1/4 NE  1/4-1/4:  SE  Irreg:  NO
UTM:  ZONE 16 17
Flat or Other Map:  RENAUDS
Style:  CONTEMPORARY       Exterior Plan:   IRREGULAR      No. of Stories:   1
Structural System:   MASONRY
Foundation:  Type:   slab
Materials:   CONCRETE
Exterior Fabric(s)   CONCRETE BLOCK
Roof:  Type(s)   FLAT
Interior Plan:   SEPERATE ROOMS              Condition:   DETERIORATED
Surroundings:   RESIDENTIAL
Ancillary Features:   School yard has chain link Fencing.  Building is abandoned and in deteriorating condition.
Archaeological Remains at Site:   Archaeological Form Completed?   NO
                                                          Artifacts or Other Remains?            NO
Narrative;  Since integration resulted in the closing of Carver School in the 1970’s, the school has not been used.  It once housed all 12 grades for the children of the Black community.



Since it is on the Historical site it should not be demolished but fixed and repaired.  This building has withstood the time with the exception of roofing and specific codes.  It is part of our Black Heritage and it is surprising to me that even people on the weekend (young urban worriers) would not consider cleaning and working on the school room after room if a new slanted roof could be placed on the school through some grant.  Even Metal Roofs like we have are hurricane proof and it would behoove the Town to Save the School and perhaps have visitors view the site for a charge with those who work on the property dressed in years prior vintage clothing.  Right now many areas of Plantations are open in the Southern States and we could have a special program for visitors to view and hear the history before we lose all the elderly who could assist in the venture.
But if you do not care about your heritage, unfortunately I cannot assist but if you do, even I would be willing to assist in any way I could.  It would also make a wonderful community center in part where people could go instead of having to rent the Women’s club from the Town. (It may work if you hit Carver School HA00225 below)

Carver School HA00225

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