The Councilor and Manager’s budget

Many Towns which have a problematic budget will go to the extremes of lowering salaries, especially those who are on the Town Council. That is however, not the case with our Town Council. Although there is not an increase the Mayor receives $200 a month; the Vice Mayor $180 a month and the Council members, three, receive $175 a month each totalling $905 a month or $10,860 a year.

This year’s budget included only $500 for travel and training for Council members and Mayor Miller indicated that it should be increased to $5,000 due to the fact that we have three new council members and there is training which is necessary.

It was noted that Tommie Jones 1/2 salary in the General Fund as Town Manager should be listed as Professional Services since he is an independent contractor. Sorry to say however, his explanation of the financials and non-understanding of the questions raised did not make him look like a professional. It is obvious he has never had experience in finances and I would have though his coursework toward his MPA would have provided him that.

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