Thank you to the Two officers who assisted Joe and I after the last meeting on the approval of the budget.

Okay, we printed what you had to say about our new officer, Casey Kenzie, but what  we are finding out is that he is really a very good Detective/Officer, much better than our illustrious Chief who I have no respect for. And let’s face it, if an officer does not have some sort of background, they would not be hired in White Springs.  It is far better than some of the sexual deviants we had on the force previously.  I just hope White Springs will not ruin Officer Doyle and Detective Kenzie as they have done in the past with so many others.


For Detective Kenzie, it’s not about the money, he told us, but the fact that he loves being a police officer.  Just like the Kavanaugh situation, we did not hear both sides.  Yes it is wrong for either sex to beat on their loved ones but many times women are the ones who get the pass…because they are women. I cannot comment because I was not there and police officers have to live with a higher standard.  As for me I will go back to determining how one treats me rather than judging based on other’s opinions; especially since so many people have taken a stand based upon lies about Joe and I, which we know are not the truth. And Chief Tracy assisted with those lies as well.  If she could ever spew out the truth, I would be surprised.


Our thanks to Officers David Doyle and Casey Kenzie for helping Joe out in a dilemma.  When Two vehicles have a problem at one time and one will be in the shop for some time, it is nice to see officers who will help older people out.  You two are greatly appreciated!
Karin Griffin

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