Tebo needs to be fired so we may have our fire department back

Two Councilors Spencer Lofton and Tonja Brown have fought diligently for Stacy Tebo, stating that only she has the right to hire and fire and to supervise. That may be the case in our charter and by the law pertaining to our form of government, but when we have someone who has not performed their job, and placed the community in harm, I think then the Council must take this into their hands.

If Steve Stith had not tendered his resignation and Walter McKenzie would have desired him fired based upon his performance, the Two councilors and Stacy Tebo would have reared their ugly heads again.

We have the most worthless Town Manager in the history of White Springs who will not even allow the council to make policy. Well per the Town Charter, the Town of White Springs is to provide a fire department and Stacy Tebo was the reason the public has not felt safe in two years. Kevin Pittman was the best fire chief we have ever had and she got rid of him in a matter of five minutes at a public meeting. She was asked by Walter McKenzie to contact Kevin Pittman and she has not done that to this date. She needs to be fired so that our Town again can thrive in peace and harmony. And yes, we are thankful Spencer Lofton Moved because he has no common sense as respects what he is doing to this community. As to Tonja Brown, perhaps someday she will realize that it is not just the money in her pocket but that she has a fiduciary duty to the Citizens of White Springs and all she has done thus far is to stick up for the worst manager we have had in the history of White Springs.

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