Tebo has done so much damage that if she is allowed a trial by Jury White Springs will damage her by testimony to the point that a jury will understand how evil she is.

Stacy’s Court Case is back with the Lower Courts and if I were her, I certainly would not wish for a trial by jury. When that happens, DeBary will probably bring such witnesses from White Springs such as Anita Rivers, Helen B. Miller, Joe Griffin and numerous others. Once a jury determines how evil and conniving Stacy Tebo has been, there is no way she will receive an award for retaliation. In fact, I feel that the City of DeBary should go after her for punitive damages, but realize they cannot unfortunately.

Every time I go through the budget there is something else which comes forward. She has virtually disseminated our town and people with less intelligence apparently do not realize it. Continually Ms. Tebo was praised by Rhett Bullard, Spencer Lofton and Tonja Brown that she received so much grant money but technically, we the Town have to contribute, plus these councilors have misused money and misspent every dime which should have gone in a a restrictive fund. I remember when Rhett was angry at me for my bringing up how much it would cost the Town to fix SHE. He had no concept. Instead he said “You complain when we don’t do anything. And, when we do, you try to stop it””. These councilors continually attacked (and that is mild) Helen Miller and now Mayor Miller with the help of two other councilors and a great Attorney are going to have to determine cuts in personnel and virtually sell all equipment Stacy purchased.

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