Statute 200.065 explicitly states the time frames for the tentative budget and millage rate

(d) Within 15 days after the meeting adopting the tentative budget, the taxing authority shall advertise in a newspaper of general circulation in the county as provided in subsection (3), its intent to finally adopt a millage rate and budget. HAMILTON COUNTY HAS A NEWSPAPER AND SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ADVERTISED IN GEORGIA

A public hearing to finalize the budget and adopt a millage rate shall be held not less than 2 days nor more than 5 days after the day that the advertisement is first published. WE DON’T KNOW WHEN IT WAS PUBLISHED.

During the hearing, the governing body of the taxing authority shall amend the adopted tentative budget as it sees fit, adopt a final budget, and adopt a resolution or ordinance stating the millage rate to be levied.

The resolution or ordinance shall state the percent, if any, by which the millage rate to be levied exceeds the rolled-back rate computed pursuant to subsection

(1), which shall be characterized as the percentage increase in property taxes adopted by the governing body.

The adoption of the budget and the millage-levy resolution or ordinance shall be by separate votes.

For each taxing authority levying millage, the name of the taxing authority, the rolled-back rate, the percentage increase, and the millage rate to be levied shall be publicly announced prior to the adoption of the millage-levy resolution or ordinance.

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