In the latest budget Stacy and the town council have all but approved the end of the Public Works Department in favor of a Roads and Streets Department. One can only wonder what they are doing getting rid of the  Public Works Department. It couldn’t possibly be tied into the need to put money into the Local  Option Fuel Tax (LOFT) expenditures. COULD IT BE?

One problem though is that the Charter says there must  be a Public Works Department. This is the work that Kenny did before he got sick a couple of years ago. Here is what the Charter says,  here is what Stacy and the Council have said doesn’t count anymore.

Section 5.04 Public Works Department

There shall be a Public Works Department responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all lands, streets, buildings, walkways, roadways, equipment, docks, wharves and adjacent waterways within the Town and in those areas designated as parks and/or recreation areas within the Town or operated by the Town outside of the Town limits. The department head shall be responsible for the daily operation of this department, the performance of its employees, the fiscal requirements of the department, and shall provide the Town with clean, well groomed and landscaped streets as well as functional parks and recreational facilities.

What? When was this supposed to happen? We know it hasn’t happened in the last 2 years.

BUT NO MORE. WHERE KENNY DID THE STREETS AND THE PARKS AND ALL OF THE OTHER STUFF IN THE CHARTER RAY VAUGHN IS NOW NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY OF THAT EXCEPT “ROADS AND STREETS.”  Like most things that Stacy touches and that the Council oversees the Charter be damned. She doesn’t understand that if it isn’t broke therefore we don’t need to fix it. Lets put the LOFT tax dollars into roads, streets and transportation, as the State Statute requires of us. HAVE RAY VAUGHN DO THE JOB THE CHARTER REQUIRES HIM TO DO, NOT SOME HALF BAKED IDEA THAT STACY AND THE COUNCIL DREAMED UP TO KEEP THEM IN MINIMUAL COMPLIANCE WITH THE LOFT TAX LAW.

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