Stacy has no right deducting her payroll from LOFT

I forgot to mentioned  that Mr. Richard Powell was asked about the handling of Local Option Fuel Tax Funds.   He stated that a separate fund did not have to be used but that the money would be restricted within the General Fund and Pam indicated she uses specific codes separating the funds.  But what Pam is saying is that she is using these codes as a blanket based upon arbitrary percentages such as the 100% Yvonne, the 25% Curtis, the 50% Stacy.  As Mr. Powell has stated and as our Attorney has stated, one only places that payroll which was actually accrued by performing street and road work.   Stacy and Yvonne do not do any outside work.  They handle administrative work in the office and have no exposure to the type of work included under “Transportation”.   Joe Griffin specifically asked of Mr. Powell whether Ms. Tebo’s payroll may be used under LOFT.  After Mr. Powell asked some questions as to Ms. Tebo’s job, he indicated that if she is not performing Transportation work, her payroll may not be deducted from LOFT.


By the way, although Mr. Powell does the audits for many small towns and districts and counties, etc he obviously never told Lake Butler that they needed to restrict their LOFT money.
This matter can be handled simply through time sheets.  It is the responsibility of the Employee to say how much time they expended on streets and roads, on cutting grass which is not part of LOFT if it does not pertain to right of ways, on sewer and water meter readings and the like.   That way, the office will know what type of work has been handled and can apply the money appropriately.  It may be too much work for Pam.
If our staff is not smart enough, to put together something for the employees, management and staff will have to determine what projects need to be done, the time in which it will take to complete each of the projects, etc and use that information to input the actual hours which belong under LOFT and the actual hours used for other maintenance repair and cutting grass, or sewer and water work.
I think the employee should be capable of filling out a newly revised time sheet indicating the hours they have spent on specific projects. This is normal in the private sector so why not in the public sector?
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