So you Want to go on a diet, but if you are serious try some natural solutions.

Everybody seems to be on some form of diet but remember all diets do not work for every person.


There is something strikingly healthy, however, which will develop your cellular structure so that it brings you youth vitality, heal certain ailments,   (for me Stage 2 kidney disease), bring forth more energy, hair growth better complexion, stronger fingernails, hair growth, etc. and I can tell you it is amazing.   It’s called Ultimate H2 by LCR.   If you don’t wish to buy the pill, it is suggested you drink 15 glasses of water and that is probably not something you wish to do.

If you are not taking Vitamin E, C, and an AMINIO COMPLEX pill or two daily, you are missing the mark.  If you don’t like veggies, you’d better take a B Complex which many people also use for weight loss.  Go on line and see the benefits of an Amino Acid Complex but I find the only place I can get it is Amazon. I have been taking E, C and Amino’s since my 20’s but some of the new supplements I have run across through my subscription through the Health Science Institute is amazing.  My Doctor is not as happy because she cannot prescribe me a ton of pills like when White Springs did those terrible things to Joe and I.  But it makes me feel great and I hope these will help you.

Last but not least there is something called “Cholesterol 360” which will assist you rather than taking Statins which cause palsy.  One of the main ingredients of Cholesterol 360 is Citrus Bergamot, which also is a supplement which steadies blood sugar.   Again, Citrus Bergamot is only found at Amazon and the Cholesterol 360 is found at “Stop Aging Now”

As you can tell, I do not believe in a lot of prescribed drugs.

Since Joe is physically challenged and cannot exercise like the average person, his only advantage in losing 47 lbs in the last three months is eating smaller proportions.  And since neither of us are really keen on veggies, unless it is in a soup, he’s cut out grains and has a variety of protein, even with oriental fruit sauces, etc.

I use a variety of spices including turmeric, Chinese five spice, marjoram, fennel, and many of the other biblical spices plus the usual like Italian spices and the like mushrooms, onions, garlic, various peppers, Mexican herbs and Middle Eastern herbs etc. All of these are very healthy and you just have to practice based upon taste, what suits you best.



5 carrots Chopped
3  Large yellow onions chopped
1   Medium sized cabbage chopped
2   16 ounce cans of whole peeled tomatoes with liquid or if you prefer a sweet stewed tomato, Aldi’s has the best at the lowest cost
I use a full box of beef broth and use various spices, including Chili and if it seems bitter since I use Turmeric and Marjoram  I place in a bit of Stevia which is a natural sweetener.  But you can just use a package of onion soup.

Anyway, trust me if you eat this for a week or two you will start shedding big time..

Again, you can buy all the diet pills in the world and they probably won’t help and the prescribed diet pills have so many side effects, they can kill you, so give some of the things which are affordable to you and give it a try.

Also for anyone diabetic, throw away the Splenda and the other sweeteners that can hurt you.  Instead, you can buy Stevia packets at Walmart and it is natural so it will not hurt you.

Oh I forgot, if you have psoriasis or digestive problems, purchase Cardamom Tea.  The fruit is usually used during the holidays in fruit cakes and other baking delicacies but I hate fruit cake.

Karin for the blog

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