Similar to Tebo’s responses, Mr. Powel seemed to shift the blame on others without mentioning names

Anita Rivers did a phenomenal job in bringing forth pertinent questions to Mr. Powell.  She even brought up the fact that he was our auditor during the time White Springs was declared bankrupt by the State of Florida.
Mr. Powell stated that at the time the State of Florida felt White Springs had a financial emergency.  He stated it was the time where there were no computers and the financial records were handled manually.  He stated that the Governor’s office served as point person to fix the Town’s problems assisted by the Town Council (Jim Smith, Bob Dezendorf and Joe McKire).   It was a time where the Town could not meet their payroll and we owed the IRS a lot of money in Payroll Taxes.     Again, Mr. Powell takes no blame in his not noting there were problems when the audit was completed.  He furthermore said he was the new Auditor at the time.  What the council stated was a girl from a local family was using her own personal receipt book when cash was given toward water bills and only registered receipt of checks.  In any event thereafter, the girl was fired, her parents were angered stating their daughter never did that, and then Shirley Heath and Pam Tomlinson were hired…because we could not afford the best of the best.   And now we have another big disappointment and that is believing Ms. Tebo actually may have made a good manager but obviously her education and knowledge went out as fast as it entered her brain.
Anyway Mr. Powell stated we couldn’t meet our payroll much less pay for our payroll taxes and that is why we were bankrupt and were given six months by the State to fix the problem.
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