Scott gives us insight of our $5,870,000 burden of which only $4.5 mm has a revenue source.

There are times that I really wish Scott Gay was a municipal Certified Public Accountant.  Not only is he brilliant but he has a passion to make White Springs a wonderful place to live and has volunteered in several projects, even though he only lives in White Springs part-time.  Yet, we are fortunate that he elected to chair the Economic Development Committee because he is a man who understands what he is looking at where many in White Springs unfortunately find accounting to be Greek in their Wheelhouse of knowledge.

Last evening Mr. Gay indicated that he and the committee have been working on the five year improvement program and capital plan.   He indicated that currently our projected capital is $15,062,000 but our shared equity, not including a line item for Street and roads of $400,000 which is separate, is $970,000.  That is the amount we currently owe and that equity share will be jumping to $5,870,000 and $4.5 million of that does not have a revenue source.  So as Mr. Gay mentioned at last night’s meeting,  he is happy he is not on the city council at this time.  Helen Miller, Walter McKenzie and Tom Moore have and will have their hands full, especially since Tonja Brown and Spencer Lofton seem to not understand how broke this Town is and what these Grants have done to us in the matter of our Town having to pay its share.of any grants received.   Ms. Tebo promised to email Mr. Gay the surveys and statistics regarding the Water and Sewer System which Rural Water provided us with earlier this year.   Ms. Tebo herself, did not seem to understand the paperwork she was reading from Rural Water so we are fortunate Scott Gay will be able to review it and give everyone a better insight.

Although as a CPA Mr. Gay living in Jacksonville during the week could not possibly be a firefighter but to tell you what a great person he is, he said he would even help the fire department by washing trucks for them or anything else. And he would because that is the kind of man he is.  We now only need Kevin Pittman back as our Chief and for Dennis Price to indicate that Kevin Pittman knows what he is doing is an amazing compliment because Price does not compliment anyone.

We need more citizen involvement.  If Joe was not physically challenged and if we both were younger, I too would volunteer; yet as of now it is not something either of us can do but we appreciate all of the young people who are dedicated in helping White Springs like Scott and Julie  and the Brazil families.


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