Questions about the budget could not be answered

Mayor Miller also went to Page 3 of the General Fund and asked why Life/Health Insurance had increased from $2,301.84 to $33,340.00 for the upcoming year. Tommie Jones first said that he called the Insurance Agent and was told Health and Life insurance are going up. After Mayor Miller said that is not a 3% increase; then Jones said it was 10% and was again told that does not sound like a 10% increase so he said he would get an explanation for it. Apparently Mr. Whitehead has done most of the financial budget and Jones apparently does not understand it or what was done or doesn’t remember. I sure would not wish Mr. Whitehead’s liability because he is waiting for a malpractice claim to happen doing Tommie’s job.

Mayor Miller also asked why the Electric Utility Service Tax which was actually $65,746.12 this current year was projected as $54,000 for the 2020-21 Fiscal Year. She said we all pay 10% so it shouldn’t be going down that much. Tommie Jones said Mr. Whitehead probably wished to be safe and said that we need to conserve energy and possibly have everything on solar energy. To which Helen Miller stated that this is not about the Town but the fact that everyone using electricity pays 10%. Wow! I am so embarrassed for Tommie!

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