Every sworn member of the White Springs Police Department is a Police Officer, regardless of rank, position or specialized assignment (Patrol, Community Services, Traffic, etc.).  Police Officers are responsible for performing a variety of duties related to the protection of life and property, enforcement of criminal and traffic laws, prevention of crime, preservation of the public peace, apprehension of criminals and calls for service.  They will perform these duties as prescribed in the Department orders, standard operation procedures, directives and as directed by their supervisors.





The list of essential functions, as outlined herein, is intended to be representative of the tasks performed within this classification.  The omission of an essential function does not preclude law enforcement management from assigning duties not listed herein if such functions are a logical assignment to the position.

  •  Report promptly for duty at the designated time and place, in proper uniform for assignment and inspection.  Listen attentively to orders and instructions from his/her supervisors, make written memoranda such as information as necessary and promptly report to his/her assignment upon completion.


  • Enforce all laws and ordinances for which the Department is responsible; protect the lives and property of all persons and maintain peace and order within the City of White Springs or otherwise dispatched.


  • Operate a police vehicle within assigned geographic area at the direction of supervisor according to standard police techniques and strategies in order to deter and detect criminal activity.


  • Investigate the activities of suspicious persons as encountered or upon citizen complaint using standard police techniques and in conformance with the legal requirements in order to determine the identity, activity and reason for the presence of the suspicious person.


  • Remain alert to the needs of citizens and take appropriate action to maintain order and protect life and property.


  • Investigate all complaints on or near his/her area which are assigned to him/her or which are brought to his/her attention by citizens.  He/she shall take suitable action in those cases which come under his/her jurisdiction or refer them to the proper authority.


  • At officer’s discretion, issue citations for violations of the Florida State Traffic Laws and Local Ordinances as observed or determined in conformance with legal requirements and department policies and procedures in order to ensure conformity with traffic law and to prevent traffic accidents.


  • Direct vehicular traffic as required in order to ensure a safe, orderly flow of traffic.


  • Execute warrants or serve summonses in conformance with legal requirements and Department policies and procedures in order to comply with court orders.


  • Question suspects in accordance with legal requirements and Department policies and procedures using standard interrogation techniques and strategies in order to obtain information and/or a confession in reference to criminal activity.


  • Search individuals and their personal property after taking them into custody in compliance with legal requirements and Departmental policies and procedures using standard olice search techniques to ensure the safety of the officer, other department personnel and the detainee.


  • Incarcerate arrested persons as required in accordance with legal requirements and Department policies and procedures using standard police techniques in order to detain arrested persons, pending further investigation and/or processing through the criminal justice system.


  • Counsel juveniles and adults and when deemed appropriate, and refer them to the person or agencies where they can obtain further assistance.


  • Perform preliminary and follow-up investigations of criminal offenses which are assigned to him/her or brought to his/her attention and continue investigating such criminal offenses if assigned.


  • Assist any other officer in the preliminary or follow-up investigation of a case.


  • Appear on time, at all required court or any other required proceedings as a result of official police actions or activity.  Also assist prosecuting attorneys in the preparation of court cases and when required, testify, at all judicial or other proceedings.


  • Maintain a professional decorum and display a proper attitude in all dealings with citizens, supervisors and other department personnel.


  • Promptly and properly prepare and submit the required reports and documents as a result of any official assignment or investigation.


  • Properly attend and successfully complete assigned training courses.


  • Make presentations and speeches to the community organizations and groups, as assigned.


  • Assist in the securing of crime scenes and gathering and processing of evidence


  • Maintain an open relationship with area law enforcement officers/agencies in order to exchange information and to facilitate cooperative efforts.


  • Pay strict adherence to all radio transmissions


  • Utilize a community policing philosophy in problem solving when dealing with all aspects of assigned duties.


  • Give credible testimony in court of law or other proceeding/
  • Perform physical actions in order to apprehend and control suspects.
  • Operate required equipment.


  • Qualify with required weapons and other equipment or devices.


  • Provide residents and businesses with a highly visible and proactive police presence by patrolling.


  • Identify on-going problems, conduct follow-ups and implement corrective measures.


  • Arrest and assist in prosecution of adult and juvenile criminal offenders.


  • Gather intelligence information and forward this information to the proper division or agency.


  • Work with the various social agencies and schools that serve the community.


  • Respond to calls for service within their assigned area or any other area within the City as directed or otherwise dispatched.


  • Supplement Other Divisions when required.


  • Patrol parks and recreational areas enforcing laws and ordinances.


  • Administer and supervise the school crossing guard and school safety function when assigned.


  • Conduct runaway investigations when assigned.


  • Maintenance and inventory of assigned equipment.


  • Provide any service that is necessary for the furtherance of the Department’s mission and objective.


  • Perform Other Duties as assigned.


  • An officer temporarily filling the position of a supervisor in acting capacity, shall be vested with the authority and responsibilities of the supervisor, but the acting officer shall not interfere with, or countermand, or modify the orders previously issued by the supervisor except in extreme emergency.



  • Develop and maintain a working knowledge of the relevant federal, state and local laws, statutes and ordinances in order to ensure action in accordance with legal requirements.


  • Develop and maintain a working knowledge judicial case law in the areas of search and seizure, arrest, Self-incrimination, right to counsel, interrogation and confessions and the collection and preservation of evidence in order to ensure action in accordance with current court decisions.


  • Obtain, read and have working knowledge of all relevant Department directives.Familiarize themselves with the residents and businesses with their area of patrol.  This shall be accomplished by personal contact while on patrol as well as attending regularly scheduled community meetings and events when required.



  •  Use of hands to finger, handle or feel
  • Good vision ad hearing; ability to distinguish basic colors; good depth perception
  • Ability to periodically walk, stand and sit for prolonged periods.
  • Requires frequent bending, balancing, stooping.
  • Light lifting and carrying.
  • Frequent reaching above shoulders and throwing.
  • Exposure to disagreeable environmental factors, such as outside weather conditions, dampness/humidity, heat and cold, noisy and dusty conditions and working in and with moving objects and moving vehicles.
  • Very frequent exposure to violence; high risk and stressful situations  requires physically fit individual due to the frequent possibility of engaging in physical altercations.



  •  Must be at least 19 years of age or older
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • United States Citizen


Valid Florida Driver’s License

State of Florida Law Enforcement Certification


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