Police Departments to go digital whereas Fire Departments remain on analog

Since both Thomas and Beverly Brazil were or are in law enforcement, they indicated that the $1,000 in the budget for training and travel will not cut it. Some of the course work is $300 to $1,200 and may be a week long per Lieutenant Marsh. This year the Police Department will need radios which run $700-800 each. The police Departments and EMS will be going to digital radios and if White Springs doesn’t purchase digital radios, the police department might as well stay home because they will be unable to communicate with anyone. They believe Chief Rodriquenz has the radios in the budget but someone has to check.

In the interim, Thomas Brazil explained that all police are going digital whereas the Fire Departments will be going analog by reason that analog achieves a greater distance. Currently EMS is helping with supplies so the Fire Department doesn’t have to purchase such things as bathroom tissue, etc.

Tommie Jones reminded all concerned that the 9,993 which was spent on updating the police department computers last year would have cost much more had he not built it himself.

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