USDA Rural Development has approved a grant of $100,000 to be used to purchase a pumper fire truck and related equipment.  This new truck will replace an over 36 year old truck that is no longer reliable and will provide improved emergency response services to the residents of the town and surrounding rural areas.   What is not mentioned is the fact that if this 36 year old fire engine was the one we saw at the McDonald Parking Lot, I can’t see a thing which is wrong with it and the Windsor Truck only needed some repairs.

This is the thing, councilors.  Ms. Tebo doesn’t watch the funds and you councilors obviously do not either and you all have a fiduciary duty.  All councilors with the exception of Miller voted for this fire pumper of which our share to pay $135,000.  This $135,000 will be paid by the Town (you and I) through a loan with Persistent Poverty CF Direct Loan and Persistant Poverty CF Grant will provide $50,000.  In other words when the council agreed to this, the Town would be responsible for $185,000 with Rural Water $100,000 for a total Pumper cost of $285,000.

We don’t have the money to pay for the weekend firefighters who never would fight a fire in White Springs because they live too far and now we have another $135,000 to pay.  Thank heavens for Persistent Poverty of which This Town became so as well, when Stacy Tebo took over the realm and allowed Pam Tomlinson to continue messing up the Town’s accounting.

Yet, Ms. Tebo said it will benefit 777 people.   It should be more if we could comply with our contract with Hamilton County so we could get additional funds for assisting other firefighters in the county.  Yet no one wishes to work for Stith unless they are paid and frankly we are tired of Andrew still bleeding White Springs for money when he is incapable of fighting a real fire without collapsing.


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