PCS meets with Hamilton County about contamination of a well and claims “acid” again. I doubt if it is just acid.

Today is the day Hamilton County Board of Commissioners and the Executives of Potash Corp are to meet to discuss the intersection of Highway 6 and I-75.  where Hamilton County owns a small sewer system and water system at that intersection.


We were told by one of the commissioners that PCS stated that the contamination was due to acid…something they have used as an excuse before.  Joe advised the commissioner that it probably was not just “acid”.
As was stated previously, sulfuric acid is applied to phosphoric ore, releasing naturally occurring uranium and radium which  produces Radioactive phosphogypsum.  Not only does this process produce radon gas in the air which causes cancer, but unfortunately the Radioactive phosphyogypsum can damage the water we drink.  I hope the EPA is out there as well because the one spill in 2015 stated it was only “acid” but it was found to be much more.  Acid does not travel like the plume we supposedly are to have coming our way.  They say it does not move but water mixing with Radioactive phosphyogypsum is not a good thing for our area.
So I ask each of you, do you believe any company would like to start up in an area where there is radioactive phosphyogypsum that could contaminate not only drinking water but plant growth or hydroponics.  Who will wish to live here?  Who will wish to purchase homes here?  How many more people will die from cancer?
I am not trying to close the plant, but the EPA is struggling because phosphate mining is a problem which the contamination from such is a definite problem.  And after our Tanks in White Springs took 10 years to clean when they are to be cleaned every five years what can we expect?  Although the tanks were cleaned last year, in my opinion we have a novice running our plant even though it is fully automated including the Tanks.  But we can only place chlorine in the water and that will not take out Toxic Chemicals.
So I think it is time that PCS, who is required by law to provide money to the HCDA, earmark the $750,000 or 20% we need to repair our sewer system; then they need to have new wells drilled away from the natural drift of PCS’s plant, including the pipes coming into White Springs and lastly to be assured there are no residue contaminants, they need to provide us a new water piping system.  We are the first in line after the sewer and water facilities on Highway 6 and I-75 and there is no way acid will travel that far on it’s own into the water system.
The sulfuric acid which is used by PCS once mixed with water or concentrated is dangerous. The concentrated sulfuric acid will char most any organic material on contact and is capable of starting fires.  It is also extremely corrosive to the flesh.  Once the sulfuric acid is mixed with water in the aquifer, it no longer has a charring effect or the fire hazard but can cause severe burns.  So, if there is contamination and someone is not complaining of burns when utilizing the water, I guarantee, it is not acid but the result of the process of such acid which is far worse in the water supply.
Yes, PCS better pay to make these changes.  Who will want to move to this county with all of the problems with our aquifer and the water we drink and bathe in.   It’s one thing to warn people by telling the truth but this “acid” alone thing does not hold water in my opinion and the executives and specifically Mike Williams whose job it is to tamper down any problems we may have is ridiculous when someone’s health is involved.  But I guess there is not a lot of value in a human life when profitability is above safety of those in surrounding communities and employees who are probably breathing radon gas.
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