PCS is and has been a good Company for those in the area but it does not mean I cannot express my concern for the drinking water and wells of White Springs.

If you get a chance to read the comments on Glass Door they are interesting.  Although it is difficult to determine which of the six plants in Florida or other plants in other states are being referred to, there seems to be some consistency in the complaints.


One of the complaints mentioned how there are nothing but older men working at PCS..but they smell good; which I thought was hilarious.


PCS or Potash Corp has assisted many of the working class of White Springs.  As a White Springs Resident and having Andrew Greene handle our fully automated system, I do have concern for the toxicity which will increase in time to come into our aquifer.  And the reasons for writing my prior articles stem from the fact that other than Mary Bullard helping Robert Townsend with projects which did not help the economic development of White Springs, there has only been a pittance of money given to White Springs by PCS.


We are right in line as is Hamilton County with their well near I-75 for some very heavy duty toxicity which I had not realized before is radioactive.There needs to be far more safety efforts for Towns in the Firing line and providing the Town window dressing by $2500-25,000 isn’t going to help with the inherent upcoming damages to come and what has already been done.


There have to be some safety measures for our aquifer so that the water we drink is not toxic.  It is time PCS assisted White Springs, where the majority of your workers present , laid-off and retired have come from.


In reading the reviews, it is noted that all employees who have been at PCS just over a year love the company; Those over ten years; not so much but they count their days because a way to feed their family is a good thing. There is a retirement plan they do not need to pay in; sharing in 401K’s, Good Insurance Plans and a decent compensation for the work done.

 Like all companies there are pros and cons but ultimately PCS is a good place to work. There has always been problems between management and experienced workers wherever one works.  Managers, if they are good should be required to work along side the day workers to get a taste of what is done.  I guarantee any manager who can do what their subordinates can do is a good manager, whether a college degree or not. 

PCS’s Salaries and Opportunities are good, even though one can Smell Dirt Acid Climbing and Walking It was close to home. PCS had a good insurance plan. The compensation paid the bills The people are good to work with.
Great pay by far when compared to other internships
– Supervisors give great insight into workings of the phosphoric acid process
– Often cater food for employees
Too much overtime, management business only, if you suck butt good you’ll move up quickly, they reward bad behavior, not good work ethics.
The company pays their employees well. Salaries are above average. Benefits are good and the company seems to value diversity.
Management made mistakes and the employees paid the price. A lot of people lost their jobs so management could retire with their golden parachutes.
– The PCS White Springs location is in a town of 800 people, so there’s not much to do.
– Nearest Walmart is 30 minutes away in either Live Oak or Lake City.
– Employees tend to be older hires, not much young blood in the company.
Too many “smart” people in management roles who don’t know how to lead Worry about getting work done instead of having meetings all day Get off your butts and go out in the field to see what is going on. Stop the worthless meetings.


Some of the Suggestions are as follows and knowing what a good ole boy network we have in this neck of the woods, I can understand it.


Corporate Management cares nothing about employees they are just numbers. Upper management in the complex I worked at lies to employees and upper management and falsifies safety records to meet goals set by corporate. Corporate hires efficiency experts that cost millions and follows their recommendations that cost millions and cause hardship to their employees only to find the expert’s advice will not work.
Wake Up!!!!! You have recently laid off employees that for many, many years only had the welfare of the company in mind. Good employees that if treated fairly area companies’ biggest asset you have lost. Your HR managers live by the good ole boy scenario only to make sure their friends benefit from their position. All of your front line supervisors are job scared and look for production before safety.
Favorites play too big a part in everything they do. From suppliers, contractors and most of all “the workers”,. Everyone I used to work with, that are still there. are miserable and counting the days they can leave. The company is like our political system – you have the left and right not working together.
Administrative, support and managerial positions are nearly unattainable without at least a 4 yr college degree. This eliminates a large percentage of the workforce from even getting an interview regardless of how much directly relevant experience a person may have.


I believe Rex Mitchell advised that there are only six percent of the people in Hamilton County who have a higher education and what is difficult is that although many of the parents worked to give their children a better life, many of those younger people do not choose to work or get a higher education by trade school or college..


Better be in step with the management team or your done. Plant Managers friends will always have their job saved. Management is completed every day very well (There are so many managers that they are tripping each other to complete the daily tasks) , however no leadership on the horizon. They do not look what is going to happen tomorrow, They expect problems to be solved using the same modus operandum over and over again expecting different results – you heard that before? SALARY IS HUGE POSITIVE
Lack of trust, promotion of employees is not based on skills or achievements. Long-term employees are not valued. Not much opportunity for professional development for employees who work in rural locations. Employees get stuck at one location and there should be more movement to gain different work experience.


The problem with small communities is the fact that there is insufficient opportunities and management will hold it over one’s head that if they do not do the job, they will be let go.


HCDA has not made an appointment with Marion County Chamber and Economic Development CEP so they could hone in on CEP’s success.  They are Chamber of the Year in Florida this year and their Economic Development Staff is fantastic.

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