Pam needs to retire; the job needs to change to bookkeeper, The Town Manager in accordance with the Charter should be handling the Finance criteria, Stacy should be fired Tommie should be hired

Although the Town Manager is the main communicator for the Town as well as making certain all work required by the Town Council or the Citizens are completed timely in his or her position, The current Town Manager has been lax in actual communication and has brought our Town down to its knees.   She has no personality and she will not meet with citizens, much less employees and she certainly does not require Pam to provide her with the necessary reports or she would have had a lot more “No’s!!! ” to the Gang of Three.  God help her, she doesn’t even know what her employees do and she can’t even correct their job descriptions.
The person who is most essential in a small Town is the Financial Director, but that is certainly not the case in our Town.  The Town Manager feels she is queen Bee but obviously she has been nothing but a Wood Bee destructing the town.
 I have again listed Pam’s job description as Finance Director below.  It has always been up to the finance director to apprise the manager first of any problems with our finances and  after determining what is happening the Town Manager then brings it to the Town Council.
This is where White Springs has always gone wrong.  We worry about our Town Managers but allow someone who maybe has a GED handle our so called “finances” but who has not and cannot handle the job of her job description.  It is time for Pam Tomlinson to retire since it would be worse if after all of these years, she is fired.  At least it would give her some dignity but truly we need someone who has knowledge of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principals plus the Government Accounting Standards.   Since we are a small operation, perhaps some accounting firm or staffing company could allow an employees to work part-time  Currently I believe the entire accounting is a mess and it will take a village of us to clean it up but we can and we need to use the same program Bob Farley purchased for the town.  Currently it is only being used by our enterprise account and that was not the purpose but Pam was too fearful of learning a new program.
Once we clean up Pam’s mess we can then move on to either hiring an accounting person part time by changing the job description to accounting or bookkeeper and place the burden of all financial reports that are in the Finance Director’s job description back to the Town Manager, because it is the Town Manager’s duties to make certain the Town is afloat not a mere bookkeeper which is barely what Pam is today.  Titles mean squat if you cannot do the job and frankly these financial duties belong with the Town Manager who should have a degree and should handle all areas of the Town rather than just sit in their office and do nothing.


Now the bookkeeper still has to input all debits and credits and keep grants and other areas separate, such as the LOFT funds and it will be up to the Town Manager to apprise the bookkeeper of how it should be done.
If I had my drutters, Stacy Tebo would be fired immediately due to her breach of contract and duties.  I would then beg Tommie Jones to see whether he would consider being the Manager part-time and the Sewer and Water person part time because he is gifted and has the experience.  I know he probably would not like to be the Town Manager because of some of the politics but we are loosing trouble makers by the day and he would be great at the job.  He could set up the Town as it should be and any one of us he asks for would volunteer our time to get him settled because nothing has been done for years.
And if Tebo complains, tell her she only has herself to blame.  Taking all of the time she has taken off in the first two years and subsequent years, only proves we need a part-time manager and Tommie would be deserving of the pay Tebo is getting whereas she has not been deserving one iota.


  •  Pam decides to retire rather than face the accusations AND HUMILIATION of her not doing her job all these years
  • The Job description will change from Finance Manager or Director to “bookkeeper” which is a lower grade level or else we hire a professional firm’s staff to handle the bookkeeping as an independent contractor.  It is up to us not our auditor to do what is right in accordance with GAAP and Government standards  This person will still be required to provide all reports to the Town Manager so he or she is aware of what is happening at all times.
  • Stacy Tebo is terminated and we beg Tommie Jones to take the part-time manager and part-time sewer and water position.  He has the education and experience in both and he lives in White Springs and cares about the community.
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  • Serves as Chief Financial Officer and principal financial adviser to the Mayor, City Council and City Administrator; provides leadership, direction, and guidance in financial strategies and priorities; compiles, evaluates, and analyzes financial data; recommends and implements solutions; ensures financial activities and procedures are in compliance with all laws, policies, regulations, and accounting standards.
  • Develops and directs financial plans and policies to meet City goals; interprets concerns, defines desired results, develops solutions, and determines scope and priorities of programs and special projects.
  • Analyzes financial information on City operations, evaluates City’s needs, and recommends financial resource requirements; reviews and monitors status reports and recommends appropriate actions; oversees the preparation of and presents financial forecasts and status reports to City Council; ensures effective communication of financial issues.
  • Monitors Finance Department operations and internal financial controls; ensures the quality of the financial activities, services, and work products; prepares statistical analysis to evaluate trends and financial status; develops revenue and expenditure forecasts and recommends budget adjustments.
  • Coordinates development of City budget and recommends funding allocations; monitors budget, revenue, and expenditure trends;
  • Coordinates Finance Department activities and issues with elected officials, outside agencies, boards, and commissions; interprets and explains City policies, procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Directs staff and provides leadership and guidance; develops priorities and assigns tasks and projects; develops staff skills and training plans; conducts performance evaluations; meets regularly with staff to discuss and resolve priorities and workload and technical issues.
  • Supports the relationship between the City  and the constituent population by demonstrating courteous and cooperative behavior when interacting with clients, visitors, and City staff; promotes the City goals and priorities in compliance with all policies and procedures.
  • Maintains confidentiality of work-related issues, client records, and City information; performs related duties as required or assigned.
The ideal candidate will have a master’s degree in Finance or Accounting and five years’ of progressively responsible and related public sector experience or a bachelor’s degree in the same areas and ten years of progressively responsible and related public sector experience. CPA is preferred.
The ideal candidate will have knowledge of:
  • City organization, operations, policies, and procedures.
  • Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB), Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), and Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) standards; recommended practices, policies, rules, and regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Generally Accepted Auditing Principles for Public Sector financial management, including payroll, treasury, grant funds, and public debt management.
  • Legal, ethical, and professional rules of conduct for municipal finance officers.
  • Techniques and practices for effective and efficient management of allocated resources, including personnel administration, labor law, and risk management.
  • Record keeping and file maintenance principles and procedures.
  • Business and personal computers, and financial spreadsheet software applications.
  • General ledger reconciliation standards.
  • Local community issues and regional community resources available to citizens.
The ideal candidate will be skilled in:
  • Reading, interpreting, understanding, and applying accounting standards and procedures, applicable Federal and State rules and regulations, and City policies and procedures.
  • Analyzing financial issues, evaluating alternatives, and developing recommendations and strategies.
  • Analyzing City needs and prioritizing and promoting financial strategies to meet future needs.
  • Monitoring and interpreting financial documents, and ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements governing municipal financial activities.
  • Reviewing interrelated financial and technical records, and identifying and reconciling errors.
  • Using initiative and independent judgment within established procedural guidelines.
  • Directing and leading staff, and delegating tasks and authority.
  • Establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships.
  • Assessing and prioritizing multiple tasks, projects, and demands


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