Our Attorney will need her “A” Game

As one expected, Spencer Lofton is trying to hide the fact that he now resides in Lake City. Since Stacy Tebo is a roomer in Lake City, he probably feels this applies to him. However, the Charter differs in the manner elected officials are treated as compared to independent contractor Managers,

Pam Tomlinson was asked whether she had heard that Spencer Lofton had moved to Lake City? She of course, heard nothing of the like. But our people in White Springs are doing the research, taking photos when he is taking out the garbage or doing things around his home. Obviously he doesn’t want do discuss this issue because it no longer will assist Stacy Tebo and he vowed to protect her…….so he will put up a fight. Yet I know Ms. Meagan Logan as always will bring her “A” game and he will be done. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy and we are so happy they found a beautiful home in Lake City. His wife has worked hard for a better home.

Karin for the blog

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