Okay Hamilton County and Henry Land, What’s your beef with White springs

I remember how much work and effort our Fire Department put into the fact that compliance with the Hamilton County contract took a precedence over any of their personal time. Kevin Pittman and Tom Brazil worked long hours to assure everything was done. For instance they used the Computer Software required by the County and Nationally to report all calls on their computer. This has been done all year long but in addition to the computer all the information has to be reiterated on a form which now the WSFR is doing so that they will get the pay they are due.

They will do whatever it takes to get paid but it is really sad that the County is requiring duplication one on the computer and one on paper. It makes no sense. And in accordance with the contract, $2,500 per quarter was to be paid even if nothing was done but our fire department has done everything. We are so proud of our Fire Department and especially of our Chief and Lieutenant (Brazil). For the first time since they were removed and quit, we feel secure that we are safe because of these great firefighters and support.

I am really depressed that you would treat our fire department this way. Especially when you know they have answered all the calls and you have the computer reports which are checked by the Chief before submitting to you, including all of the information necessary.

Karin for the blog

PS. Our firemen did not complain and will provide whatever you need. I am the one complaining not them because I do not believe the County is being fair.

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