Next time before you interview for a job, take some advice and maybe, just maybe, you may land another job.

When Stacy interviewed with White Springs, we had to listen for over an hour as to to how she went from this job to that job and listing every single thing which she learned.  We thought the interview would never end.  Well we know for one thing, she doesn’t know how to interview and if Willie Jefferson wouldn’t have been so enamored with the way she looked, saying “We want that girl” and the fact that she received high ratings because no one else had applied at the time, until the second round, she would not have been our Town Manager.  But perhaps she would have because the Town certainly does not know how to interview people with the exception of Councilwoman Miller and perhaps Councilman McKenzie.
So not as to bore the heck out of someone and to show some interest in the job for which she is applying, the first thing she should do is not only research the job description of the position posted, but also look into what the Company she is applying to does.  What their goals are; what their history is; what their achievements are and then decide how she may benefit that company.  That is what the company wants to hear.  They don’t want to know how homesick you are or a long listing of jobs you think you can do, but how you would fit in within their company and how you would seek to fulfill that position.


If it is a company like the United Way, if you are not seeking a clerical position, you must show that you have the personality and the ability to work with a variety of people and personalities to secure funds.  If you are in a clerical position the one main thing which we heard you do not have in DeBary or White Springs, Stacy, is organizational abilities.  That is something you need to work on.


You need to inquire as to what the Company’s goals are and provide insight as to how you are the best candidate to fulfill those goals.


Company’s don’t want a robot like the one Stacy seemed to be when applying for the White Springs Job. Stacy has to get rid of that monotone voice which is so soft she seems that she is about to cry.  A job is the big leagues and no emotion is necessary.  You need to be able to think on your feet and express some creative ideas in which to get the job done.


You also need to be able to advise them as to the achievements you have had in your career and it can’t be sitting in an office and e-mailing everyone or how many times you feel you can sue someone.  You have to show that there is no “I” In team and that your strong spots may be your ability to communicate in writing and possibly somewhere back in that career of yours, you may have shown where you have excelled at something; or that you have joined charities; worked at special events, or you have worked for soup kitchens, or that you love sports….anything that shows you have interests outside of just sitting in your house.  That makes for a more dynamic employee to have outside interests.


Unless you communicate in your interview as a strong individual without your emotional tendencies of the “Poor Me’s”, they will feel you do not have the appropriate communication skills.  Be uplifted, be strong, be friendly, and show what you may be made of by articulating your abilities and how they will fall within the company’s perspectives and goals.
The interviewer will wish for you to do the most talking, but don’t be surprised if they ask you questions like, “If there was a word which would describe you, what would that word be?; Where do you see yourself in the next few years?  And if your lawsuits come up, for your sake, don’t tell them it was all your employer’s fault, because it was not.  You can state you had disagreements with upper management in the manner in which they treated others as an HR person and it got out of hand but that you have no anger against anyone and you hope that their current employees will have a better environment.  Take emotion out of your interviews and take an interest in people and in the company for which you work or wish to work for.


I know that you do not like to admit that you have any weaknesses, but what if you are asked about your biggest weakness.  Don’t freeze or get emotional, pick a weakness you have and go on with it honestly and the interviewer will see that you are serious and honest (i.e. I am not able to read people well; I cannot judge how much time it will take for a specific job” or  I have difficulty giving responsibility to others)  and end up saying, “But I am working on it and I do not believe that will be a problem.  You may also admit something you do not like to admit and that is taking constructive criticism.  For you everything is personal but at some point, if asked, you have to say you welcome it because it will make you better in the position you are in and after all one cannot just start a job and pretend to know everything.  Can they?


My advice to you Stacy is to get rid of the Baggage.  If you do not like White Springs and wish for another position, since your home area doesn’t seem to have a lot of respect for you at this point, then you have to get yourself into a position where you can sell yourself, be optimistic about learning new things and having the ability to excel in a new environment.  This emotional crap has to go.  Also, you need to know how to write a dynamic letter along with your resume so that it is noticed.  I have not seen that in some of the letters that have been sent to us.  There is also help on line.


In any event, Stacy Tebo, you need to look at some help areas on the internet, if this does not assist you in any way.  But seriously, you do not seem happy and I do not know if it is because of the people you are working with who lied about the people in White Springs who would have assisted you or because of all the corruption, which you have become a big part of and will probably have to answer for it in the long run.  If you have no problem with corruption, then you might as well stay as long as the “Gang of Three” retains you and who are the reasons for the corruption in White Springs.


Karin for the blog


P.S.  We heard from others that the only Way that Stacy will get another job is if she quits taking illegal drugs with Rhett.

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