My wishes and dreams for a better White Springs financially prosperous, efficient, progressive, dynamic

If Tommie Jones becomes the Town Manager and the Sewer Water Administrator because of his education and knowledge he will be able to check on the contractors handling the Sewer Rehabilitation project.


If Curtis Johnson becomes the primary Public Works Supervisor, who maintains city hall, its grass and other requirements and who works with the inmates; who secures the meter readings and gives them to an administrative staff and who patches streets and roads and secures the county for larger jobs since they are our partners


If Pam Tomlinson is replaced by an independent contractor bookkeeper or we hire a bookkeeper at a lower pay grade


If Ray Vaugh can prove that he has value by time sheets showing the amount of time he expends daily, weekly checking the lift stations; that the work required in the sewer and water plants take more than two hours, that he can prove that he can handle computer terminals, printers, copy machines, telephone systems and facsimile machines, he then could be considered an assistant to both Tommie Jones and Curtis Johnson


 Furthermore his position will consist of administrative work handling all input of meter readings and preparing the monthly invoices for Sewer and Water as well as working with the Bookkeeper and the Town Manager.    Ray Vaughn will also answer phones while in the office and greet customers.  However if our New Town Manager does not see where we may require Mr. Vaughn’s services due to the availability of hiring our partner, Hamilton County, Mr. Jones may elect to terminate the position in its entirety and allow Curtis Johnson to hire day workers for specific projects.


Or Manager, Tommie Jones,  may elect to hire another person such as Anita Rivers to fulfill those duties as is required by the Charter.   In the interim until the financial crisis is over, it would be hoped that Ms. Rivers could handle the sewer and water invoicing as she had done in the past along with her Town Clerk duties These Town Clerk Duties consist of providing notices of Council Meetings to members and the public, Preparing deposits and verifying cash amounts and records receipts; Preparing deposits; reviewing water bill and revenue receipts to assure they balance; will be the Custodian of all records, documents and papers of the Town; Attests all legal documentation of the Town; Administers oaths as necessary; Arranges and supervises all Town elections; Prepares agenda for Council Meeting, Maintains and updates Town Charters and Town Ordinances; Maintains financial records for the Town, tracking revenues and expenditures; Supervises both the bookkeeper and Ray Vaughn, Represents the Town in the absence of the Town Manager; Supervises personnel in the absence of Town Manager; Assists the Town Manager in the formulation of administration principals, practices and policies, Prepares reports for the Town Manager and Town Council, Performs related duties as directed.


Tommie Jones can ask for volunteer retirees who have had previous professional backgrounds to assist him or any of his staff during the transition period.  One cannot lie, there is no organization at Town Hall.  Stacy had disorganization when she left DeBary and one cannot expect a miracle in White Springs.  And as to Pam, one will need to work with the new bookkeeper so that she does not be come overwhelmed.   It may be since we will be changing the accounting computer program that we can just bring balances forwarded after determining if such should have been closed or must remain open in the new fiscal year.  Have you seen the paper in Pam’s Office?


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