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Ann Coulter Just WON THE DAY With Her Tweet About Kamala Harris And Cory Booker

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WOW: Dems Leak ‘Committee Confidential’ Email From Kavanaugh Regarding Major Supreme Court Case
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Rick Scott for Florida

The hearings for Judge Kavanaugh so far have been a show of liberal Senators at their worst. Democrats have refused to listen during his hearings, choosing grandstanding and disruption over doing their jobs.

Then there’s Senator Nelson, who takes obstruction one step further by

refusing to even meet with the nominee.

This behavior is wrong, it’s unproductive, and we deserve better.

Washington will never work if we continue allowing Senators like Bill Nelson to put partisanship and special interests first. Senators must do their jobs, or they must leave office.

I am running for Senate to change the culture of Congress, but I can’t win without your help.

If you want to make Washington work and stop this obstruction, you can help by donating to Team Scott today.

WATCH: Joe Biden Caught On Camera Calling Someone A ‘Real Pr**K’

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College Kicks Nike to the Curb: ‘If Nike is Ashamed of America, We Are Ashamed of Them’
Nike is now experiencing a new type of fallout over the Kaepernick ad. Read more…
Harris Defends Protesters, Then Protester Tanks Her Live Interview
Posted by Ben Marquis
Timing is everything. Just as self-righteous Kamala Harris complains about the sexism of calling protesters hysterical, suddenly hysterical screams ring out as presumably a protester is escorted out for disrupting Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. You can’t tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor. Read more…
Exclusive: Herman Cain Launches Official Project To Crush Anti-Trumpers
Posted by Sponsored Content
Sponsored content: In lots of ways Herman Cain was an early version of Trump — an outsider with business savvy and a profound love of country — who ran for president in 2012. Now, after watching the 2 years of hell the media has put Trump through, Cain is launching a new project designed to crush the anti-Trump crowd. We can’t think of anybody better to lead the effort. Read more…
Kavanaugh Protesters Star in Powerful New RNC Ad: ‘The Left Is Crazytown’
Posted by Malachi Bailey
This should be put on every television station in the country. Read more…
Establishment Democrat Congressman Suffers Shock Defeat to Newcomer
Posted by Jack Davis
After 20 years in Congress, this Democrat from Massachusetts suffered a landslide upset. Read more…
Booker Loses It, Vows To Release Confidential Docs
Posted by Malachi Bailey
‘I understand that the penalty comes with potential ousting from the Senate.’ Read more…
Catholic Priests Arrested for ‘Lewd and Lascivious Behavior’ Next to Playground
Posted by Chris Agee
The police report is beyond disturbing to read. Read more…
UN’s Worst Nightmare’s Comes True: Haley Says Trump’s on His Way
Posted by Ben Marquis
If you’re a globalist, one-world government UN sycophant, Trump being loose in the building would be bad enough. But then you find out he’s actually chairing a Security Council meeting. It’s easy to imagine that at that moment hundreds of UN flunkies fleeing the building like it’s on fire. This could be a UN meeting for the ages. Read more…
Kavanaugh Gives His Thoughts on Whether or Not a Sitting President Can Be Indicted
Posted by Kevin Daley
Do you agree with Kavanaugh’s comments? Read more…
Chris Kyle’s Widow Shows Kaepernick What Sacrifice Really Looks Like
Posted by Lisa Payne-Naeger
This may be the most impressive takedown of Nike and Colin Kaepernick I have ever seen. Read more…
Police Report 4 Dead in ‘Horrific’ Shooting at Busy Bank Building
Posted by The Western Journal
The suspected shooter is reportedly among the dead. Read more…
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Mueller Strikes at Deep State Author

Ben Carson News
Jerome Corsi, author and investigative writer, has been served papers to appear before the Mueller grand jury in Washington this Friday to answer questions about his longtime Trump confidante Roger Stone, according to a report in The New York Times.

Corsi is the author of “Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump,” a New York Times bestselling book that has been harshly criticial of the probe of special counsel Robert Mueller.

“He fully intends to comply with the subpoena,” Corsi’s lawyer David Gray told the Times, adding that his client anticipated “it has to do with his communications with Roger Stone.”

Corsi’s “Killing the Deep State” was published last February and has been the #1 bestselling conservative critique of the Mueller investigation.

Editor’s Note:Get Jerome Corsi’s “Killing the Deep State” at bookstores everywhere or get the FREE Offer – Go Here Now

A mainstay on talk radio and TV shows, including Newsmax TV, Corsi has claimed Mueller has overreached his legal authority. Corsi has stated that President Trump’s recent tweet that a “criminal deep state” is seeking to end his presidency emanated from evidence and charges he makes in his new book.

In an August appearance on Newsmax TV, Corsi lambasted the Mueller probe for its “unequal justice” in prosecuting former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

“It raises the question of unequal justice because [lobbyist] Tony Podesta was involved in virtually the same contracts as Paul Manafort in Ukraine,” Corsi said.

Corsi is one of close to a dozen Stone associates to be called before the grand jury.

Stone, a long-time political adviser to Donald Trump, has claimed publicly he will likely be indicted, but not on any charges relating to his contacts with WikiLeaks or Russians during the 2016 campaign.

One source suggests Mueller will be probing to see if Corsi served as an intermediary between Stone and foreign contacts.

Mueller has zeroed in on Stone for his communications with WikiLeaks and hacker Guccifer 2.0 ahead of WikiLeaks’ release of stolen emails from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

Rumors swirled over the weekend that Stone would be indicted in the Russia probe.

“The only thing I’m guilty of is supporting Donald Trump for president and being effective against Hillary Clinton,” Stone told the Boston Herald last Friday.

“I can assure you,” Stone said, “the special counsel has no evidence against me of Russian collusion or of WikiLeaks intrusion or that I knew about the release of John Podesta’s emails.”

Corsi’s book has sparked serious interest among Trump’s most loyal supporters.

And TV host Bill O’Reilly has stated that the left “hates” Corsi’s book because of its strong defense of President Trump.

Editor’s Note:Get Jerome Corsi’s “Killing the Deep State” at bookstores everywhere or get the FREE Offer –Go Here Now

Bill Bonner’s Diary

How to Punish the White House “Traitor”

See me, feel me

Touch me, heal me

– “See Me, Feel Me,” The Who

By Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners

Bill Bonner

PARIS – Now, we come to the bang!

But first, let’s check the headlines…

Oh my… There’s somebody in the White House casting doubt on the president’s competence.

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Then, he tweeted about it on Twitter…

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White House Resistance

An anonymous editorial in The New York Times claims there is “resistance” in the White House to an “amoral” president.

That is, there are, apparently, people who are trying to block the president from doing what he wants to do so they can do what they want to do.

From The New York Times:

President Trump is facing a test to his presidency unlike any faced by a modern American leader. […]

The dilemma – which he does not fully grasp – is that many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.

I would know. I am one of them.

“Treason,” says Trump, demanding that The New York Times hand over the traitor on national security grounds.

Here at the Diary, we hope The New York Times reveals its source.

If not, we have a suggestion: decimation.

It worked for the Roman army. And military historian Antony Beevor claims the Soviets used it, too, to stiffen the resistance at Stalingrad.

The idea for the Romans was simple: When punishing entire cohorts (military units), they’d line up all the soldiers… and every tenth man would get the sword.

Here’s how the Trump team could use it now: Simply line up the entire White House staff – the head of the National Security Agency… the guards at the front gate… secretaries… top officials… everyone. If no one confesses to having told the truth to The New York Times, shoot every tenth person.

We don’t know if that would solve Mr. Trump’s morale issue, but it would be good for the morale of the rest of the nation.


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