More whining about LOFT; refusal to discuss Fire Department; and Lies about Rivers

Ms Tebo also complained that the amount of money we receive from LOFT is insufficient to fix roads and streets because one of our Grants for the Kendrick Street Project is $306,000.  And we only will be receiving an estimated$192,000 in LOFT funds this year.  It was stated by Mayor Miller that when one buys a house, they cannot pay the full amount so they take out a loan and pay a portion monthly, annually.  It is not paid in one lump sum.
Mr. Tom Brazil, Sr. also spoke relative to our town determining what projects need to be completed and that we need to determine the cost of each job. (i.e. amount of hours necessary for such completion, who will be working on the project and its payroll, etc).  In other words, he indicated the importance of breaking the costs down per job, something which Pam would not wish to do since she feels it would constitute extra work. We are thankful for Mr. Brazil’s experience and input since the Town no longer wishes to listen to what Joe or I have to say.
Since there is concern about meeting the September 30th deadline, Attorney. Logan stated that the State, during Hurricane Dorian’s threat gave a 21 day reprieve, which Ms. Logan will confirm and get back to us on.
Spencer Lofton and Tonja Brown objected to our securing a CPA to assist with the budget and when asked, Lofton stated it was because of the additional cost.
There also have been complaints about Mr. Lofton utilizing his phone to text during meetings, which we were told is also against the Sunshine law.
It is a great possibility that Ms. Tebo is the reasons malicious phone calls have been made to employers of our former firefighters because Ms. Anita Rivers indicated that she was the recipient of one of these phone calls to her employer.  Ms. Tebo’s boyfriend Vernon Higgenbottom, also a police officer for High Springs, stated that Ms. Rivers made some comments about Ms. Tebo which Ms. Rivers contends she did not do.  Furthermore, the recordings of the meetings are evidence that Ms. Rivers did not make those comments.  Ms. Rivers was willing to provide a letter from her employer as evidence of that conversation to the Council.
When Mayor Miller inquired about the Fire Department, she was told by Ms. Tebo that we should not go off line by discussing the Fire Department at this time, since we are here to handle the budget.


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