More on the Budget Workshop of 09/10/2020

Tom Brazil (Jr) also inquired when the light was going to go up at Faren’s residence. Tommie said they received the money from the Insurance Company but it had to be ordered from the manufacturer and it has not yet been received.

Also when asked why $22,000 was anticipated in donations for the Fire Department ($20,000 had been provided by Nutrien this year); Tommie said he figured the Fire Department would get another donation! Wow that’s a lot of hope. Tom Brazil said they will be going after every Grant possible.

Also LOFT has been projected at $1,000 more and the DOT State Highway Lighting System of $37,812 should be removed because it is done.

Mayor Miller said that if the Electric Utility Service Tax which went back down from $65,000 to 54,000 would provide $11,000 of the shortage of the Sewer Tax which increased the Ad Valorem tax. In fact the Electric Tax could be another $10,000 if actual is like last year.

The USDA Public Service Grant amounts should be deleted from Page 3.

The $33,000 for life and health insurance under Roads and Streets was again discussed. There was a charge of $95,058 anticipated and the actual was $3,224 and we now anticipate $15,000 for 2019-2020. Mayor Miller asked how it could go away and was told it would be returned to the restrictive reserve account.

We still do not know what will transpire for the loan we have requested from First Federal in order to pay Curt’s Construction. They asked Tommie Jones for additional paperwork again today.

Since Mayor Miller indicated again about taking money from LOFT reserves to pay on the Mill Street Project, I asked why we did not even pay Curt’s Construction a portion of our loft so they would not be out of so much money. I am certain they paid their workers and provided materials and White Springs could have paid them some money at least from LOFT and put it back when the state paid us for the Kendrick project. I think it is totally unfair to wish to pay Art Walker but not pay Curts.

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