Men… Check the Label on Your Soap

Men… Check the Label on Your Soap

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Check the Label: This Cancer-Linked Preservative Was Banned Overseas (But Not in the U.S.)

By Andy Snyder, Founder
Rooster’s Crow
Suffering from low testosterone and other “manly” issues? Well… good news. A new study shows that men who have a diet rich in olive oil are significantly less likely to have problems in the bedroom… and they have improved testosterone levels. Docs say it takes just nine tablespoons each week to see results. Eat up!

It’s one of the most alarming facts we’ve ever seen.

The news that men today are less manly than the men of yesterday gets to the crux of everything that we do.

Something is wrong… alarmingly wrong.

We’ve covered the topic before. Several recent studies have shown that testosterone levels are dropping with each new generation.

In fact, a 60-year-old today is likely to have 17% less testosterone in his body than a 60-year-old tested 20 years ago.

At first, docs went for the usual suspects – obesity, smoking and a lazy lifestyle.

But even when they accounted for those traits, “T” levels were still falling.

And those factors also wouldn’t explain another horrifying fact…

Cases of the birth defect hypospadias – where the opening of the urethra is at the bottom of the penis instead of where it belongs on the tip – are now twice as common as they once were.

With symptoms like that, it’s clear this isn’t a product of our daily routine. It must be something else… something much scarier.

Testosterone Levels Are Plunging

Turns out… it’s our food.

In particular, scientists are eyeing man-made troublemakers dubbed xenoestrogens – artificial substances that have estrogen-like effects on our body.

They are not only shown to lower testosterone levels but also linked to a wide array of cancers.


Here’s the deal. Xenoestrogens are everywhere. In our chemical-rich culture, they’re nearly impossible to avoid.

They’re in our food… they’re in our water and they’re even oozing out of the receipts we get at the gas station.

Like we said, they’re unavoidable. Aside from hiding in some cabin in the woods, there’s no way to totally avoid them.

But you can minimize your exposure.

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Let’s start with the plastic that just about all of our food and water is packaged in. Get rid of it. It’s loaded with T-crushing chemicals.

Most folks know to not microwave their food in plastic containers. Choose glass instead.

But did you know you should avoid refilling plastic water bottles? Or that you shouldn’t freeze them? Or even that you should toss them if they simply get too hot in the sun?

It’s true.

The plasticizers in the bottles tend to leak out and find their way into our bloodstream. From there, they mimic our body’s natural estrogen and throw everything out of balance.

That’s Not Clean

Most folks, too, know the toxic slurry that resides in so many modern magical chemicals, including pesticides, fuel and even pool chlorine. But what most folks are never told is that many of the things we purposefully put onto our bodies to “clean” them also contain potentially harmful xenoestrogens.

For example, next time you wash your hair, unwrap a fresh bar of soap or stick a slug of toothpaste in your mouth, take a look at the label. You’ll likely see the product contains something known as a paraben.

It’s a preservative that’s been around since the 1950s… at just about the time testosterone levels began to fall.

Now, while most products fall within the FDA’s “safe” limits, the government’s health regulators never bothered to ponder the cumulative effects of these products.

Just like we’re seeing with Roundup and so many other potential killers, it’s not the product by itself that has docs concerned… it’s what happens when it’s combined with other similar chemicals.

Remember, these chemicals are all around us. It’s not hard to quickly overload our bodies with them.

After a British study revealed intact parabens in 19 out of 20 breast tumors, the EU banned most parabens in 2012. But that’s not the case here in the States.

It’s up to you to protect yourself.

Instead of loading up on paraben-laced products, look for preservative-free versions or products labelled as natural.

We could go on listing the various forms of xenostrogens that surround us.

It would take a book to cover them all… and we don’t have time for that this morning.

But we’ve pounded the alarm and provided critical Know-How.

Testosterone is under attack. And so is your health.

Get the facts and mind what goes in and on your body.

Be well,


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