License Permits Special Events and Council Expense for FY Year 2018-2019

Under the budget revenue is anticipated for Licenses & Permits.  $3,000 Local Business Tax; $500 Special Exception; $500 Mobile Home License; $350 Beverage License; $200 LDR Compliance/Sign Permits.  They no longer are charging for Dog Tags.  The Total License Permits amount anticipated for FY 2018-2019 is $2,550.00
I know interest is low even in the money market, but the Town of White Springs apparently did not have a lot of money to spare.  Their Anticipated Interest Revenue is $25.001 for FY 2018-2019. Under the Miscellaneous Revenue they anticipate $2,500 from Surplus items (The Small lawn mower they should retain) They anticipate Reimbursements or Rebates which I believe has to do with in part what we had to pay the contractor for lights and signs of !3,754.00 and there is another Miscellaneous Revenue item entitled “Miscellaneous Revenue” of $2,000 for a total of $18,279.00 .

Under Legislative Expense we show the following expenditures for FY 2018-2019:

$  10,860.00  Council Salaries
$        831.00  FICA (Elected Officials)
$     5,000.00  Council Travel & Training
$     1,400.00  Election Expense
$     18,091.00  Total Legislative/Council Expense
There is no Fundraising Expense for the White Springs Volunteer Fire Department.  Of course not, they can’t fight a fire much less have any consideration for Children at Halloween or Adults at festivals.
In the General Fund Expense which is Unassigned it appears there is a Contingency of $227,058 which is like a reserve, and it is required that we have such reserves by Law.

There also are Special Reserves relating to Special Events which Paige Bullard appears to head:

$  2,000   Special Events Income
$  1,200   Festival of Lights Income
$  3,800   Azalea Festival Income
$   1,500   TDC Grant
$    8,500   Total Income for Special Events
$   2,000  Special Events Expense
$    1,100  Festival of Lights Expense
$     4,800 Azalea Festival Expense
$      1,000 May  Day Expense
$       1,500  TDC Grant Expense
$    10,000   Total Special Event Expenses
With Paige handling Special Events obviously we lose money instead of make money.  Having worked in Festivals for years for the Minneapolis Aquatennial, including a General Festival Chairman for a town of about 10,000, I have made suggestions that would not only be fun, inexpensive but would bring our town together…but no, we will have the same old same old crap where no one wishes to attend. It’s a sad state of affairs cause a lot of money could be made.  Look at Jasper; when they put on an event; it’s a party and one loves the atmosphere.  Unfortunately since Tom and Maddie Moore no longer handle the Events, it has gone down the creek and it is no longer fun…so why do it?  few attend!  Even May Day is now only attended by younger people.  


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