Joe’s Game Plan

Joe Griffin
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Here is my game plan. Anita gets elected to the Council to fill the empty seat. Stacy gets voted out with a 4-1 vote, which is what her contract calls for. They appoint me and Karin to straighten out the mess for a 6 month contract. We terminate Pam as our first act of business. Anita comes off of the Council and becomes town clerk/administrative person. After 6 months Karin and I go away from the Town Manager and the town clerks positions. But the town is back on good footing financially and the Council has a say in the town manager’s decisions. No more operating in the Darkness.We pay Stacy her 30 pieces of silver when all of the other items required to be paid are paid. There is no requirement in her contract to pay her immediately. Unless the Town Attorney can think of a legal way to avoid that $15,000 bill I’m assuming we owe it to her.

That’s my plan. Of course I don’t get a vote on making sure my plan is implemented.

As far as I am concerned, Stacy Tebo had breached her contract and as a result the terms of her contract including the severance are null and voice.  She has not filled her contractual obligations.


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