Joe has requested Mr. Stith’s resignation letter under a public records request

For those of you who are interested in what Steve Stith’s resignation letter may have stated, Joe Griffin has requested that letter as well as the two preceding resignation letters. You will recall that his previous resignation letter stated he was resigning effective immediately due to our Town’s lack of professionalism, ambiguous policies and procedures, inconsistent application and enforcement of both, obviously the Town’s also lacking leadership He stated he and the other firefighters do not need to be demoralized by a Town Manager and a Council who approves of this unfair treatment of its volunteers. 
Isn’t it amazing then that Stacy Tebo welcomed Mr. Stith with open arms.  Was it all to give Andrew and Fire SUV for his personal use?  Was it to give Andrew more money for work not performed that he did not deserve?   Was it to save Andrew’s ego?   But you may all be right.  Steve Stith slandered the heck out of Tebo and the Council….and she took him back with open arms.  She has lied for him and she has protected him until Walter McKenzie started pushing the matter of the distance of those on the firefighter roster and it was impossible for her to lie her way out of the situation.   Kevin Pittman did not slander Tebo but just walked out because the complaints made against him were ridiculous…but I bet Stacy Tebo does not have it in her personality to be as gracious to Kevin Pittman as she was to Steve Stith.  At least Stacy had a warning when she was fired from DeBary.  She gave no such warning or even how the situation could be worked out rather than making a devoted and great chief resign like Pittman.    Was this Rhett’s idea because Kevin wasn’t interested in other illicit affairs? And does Stacy Tebo have to follow something Rhett Bullard has instructed her to continue by reason of bribe or threat?


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