Jennings does it right; Hamilton County Does it right; White Springs does it wrong! Not surprising one bit

It seems like when we buy the Jasper News on Thursday, it is to see what the Fake News reporter has written on White Springs or Joe Griffin.  And if would not have been for a friend who called us, we would not have noticed that in the September 13th issue, two fiscal year 2018-2019 budgets were published.
I hate to keep bringing up the illicit creative solutions to hiding money, the Town of White Springs undertakes, but this year’s budget frankly took the cake.  We no longer have a public Works Department but a Road and Street Department and the Local Option Fuel Tax was listed under “Sales and Service, along with some of the taxes and fees charged and the rental of space on the cell phone tower.
If you save your newspapers you will note that Jennings, Florida’s Budget Summary for the Fiscal Year 2018-2019 has THREE COLUMNS FOR ESTIMATED REVENUES AND THREE COLUMNS FOR EXPENDITURES/EXPENSES.
There is a General Fund Column; A special Revenue Fund and a Total
In their Special Revenue fund they show $35,300 Cash on and, $4,700 Miscelleanous Revenues and a $18,000 “Transfer in”; but most importantly their $230,000 Local Option Fuel Tax is listed within that fund as Intergovernmental Revenue.  Jennings Administration and Officials DO NOT HIDE MONEY LIKE WHITE SPRINGS.  And in the Roads and Streets Special Revenue Fund column, they show $265,700 including the $230,000 of Intergovernmental LOFT.  How about that!  It’s even published.
Then there is Hamilton County Board of County Commissioner’s Budget Summary for Fiscal Year 2018-2019.  There are Four Columns:  General Fund; Special Revenue Funds; Enterprise Funds and a Total Budget.  Again Hamilton County shows Intergovernmental Revenues of $12,701,949 under “intrgovernmental Revenue of the Special Revenue Funds and shows Appropriated Expenditures/ Expenses of $13,200,716 listed as “Transportation”.
All the Department of Transportation or the Auditor General has to do is look at White Springs financial accounting and we may have to have the paramedics there because a person could have a  heart attack looking at the many cover-ups and the misappropriations.  Oh Well, it can’t happen to a better group of people if someone from a government agency finally looks at these books, but they better prepare themselves for a major shock or two or three….  White Springs is the epitome of confusion, mistakes, cover-ups; misappropriations; nepotism, cronyism, embezzlement, fraud, deceit, bribery and corruption.  And who suffers?  The Citizens of White Springs.
Everyone in top positions has known that White Springs is the most Corrupt and inefficient Town in Northern Florida; but most officials do not wish to be blamed for the downfall of White Springs; so who better but a couple of citizen activists and a group called the “Watch” to get the ball rolling, so that everyone who knows something may provide the State with that information.  Then maybe, we can have a Town we are proud of without bribes and tyranny.
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