It’s Stacy Tebo’s fault as the Town Manager, not anyone else’s regarding LOFT

One thing Mr. Powell Stressed are Internal Controls but likewise he stated that in Small Towns there are fewer people and it is difficult to have these types of controls.  Yet this is something Mayor Miller has continually stressed.  And even in the case of Check Signing, our Charter is clear who has the right to sign.  Yet Ms. Tebo does not feel these rules apply to her and as a result, she has violated the charter when allowing Tonja Brown to sign checks instead of the Mayor and  Vice Mayor.  Of course this is not the only areas of the Charter she has violated including violations of her contract, which makes the contract null and void, but the Town has become too conscious of her sue capabilities and has not handled her reviews and subsequent termination as they should have.
It was amazing at the September meeting that Ms. Tebo made the excuse that she had no reason to believe LOFT was being mishandled when two attorneys (John Rhett Joiner Bullard, former mayor and Town Attorney, Karen Hatton) and a CPA (Ken Daniels) said she could spend the money as she wished.  Of course our New Town Attorney told her, the public and council that in no uncertain terms may  you use LOFT funds with some arbitrary percentage belonging to  a specific payroll.  It has to be based upon the actual project and time actually expended on the project and under the definition of Transportation only.
How many of you have had to stand up to your superiors, whether a supervisor or CEO  and even an Attorney and tell them they are wrong and bring forth the information stipulating how the matter can be fixed or handled?  We all have done that and sometimes ego’s get crushed but it is better to do something right than to allow something to be done wrongly, costing a person/firm thousands of dollars in the future and which may be against the law.  But with Stacy Tebo, she was too lazy apparently to read the statute and to check on the correct criteria. Instead she depended on Rhett Bullard and Karen Hatton, neither of which apparently understood Local Option Fuel Taxes and even though neither knew the actual answer or what the law was requiring, they stuck to their story and made some huge malpractice decisions.
Then there is Ken Daniels, who now responds through his attorney.  At the time he gave the council his report on how broke we are, he indicated that we should do what we feel is right on LOFT, not wanting to admit he made a mistake…one in which his written instructions may be construed as heavy errors and omissions on his part.


Stacy as the Town Manager should have questioned all of this but let’s face it, she’s not smart enough apparently to read a statute or discuss the matter with someone who does, much less doing research on line.


I realize Joe and I have a bad reputation, whether or not deserved, of bringing up the wrongs of White Springs, but Stacy Tebo for some reason, wouldn’t listen to Helen Miller when Helen was trying to assist her.  Instead she developed some type of hate, perhaps through association with Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown, Willie Jefferson and Spencer Lofton and perhaps Pam Tomlinson who can string more lies than any sailor can.   What Tebo has done to Miller is uncalled for. What she has done to our firefighters is uncalled for.  What Ms. Tebo has done in the matters of Hutcherson and Greene are uncalled for.  Yet in Ms. Tebo’s mind she thinks Mayor Miller is picking on her.  No Ms. Tebo, Mayor Miller is not picking on you, but she certainly feels you should be able to perform your job which you have not done so up to this time.  It’s no one’s fault but your own Ms. Tebo and we can’t help you if you are drug induced and need help but won’t get it.   The things which you have done are totally childish and frankly, in my opinion and that of others,  you need help psychologically Ms. Tebo.
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