Its obvious the Rhatt and Suck-up Lofty would make poor poor businessmen

I cannot believe that Mayor Lofton has no business sense.    Before one even considers leasing a building one must determine the cost to get the building up to code as well as general maintenance, plastering, painting, etc.   None of this will be cheap and that is the reason the building was abandoned in the first place….it would cost $1,000,000.

With the lease will come a contract.  And although the School Board will insure the building as a “Lessor’s Risk, the Town of White Springs as lessee will be required to possibly provide the same limits as the School Board especially with respect to the liability limits.  Then with all these businesses Lofton feels he will bring in, there has to be subcontracts drafted by our attorney for the same limits of liability, the Town and the School Board provides.  In other words, each office and business owner will have to carry their own property and liability insurance and be under contract and I am uncertain whether Hatton has ever handled a civil contract with her criminal background.  Should be interesting.

I do know one thing, it will drain the citizens of White Springs tax base as well as additional costs and fees as well as fixing the water pressure.  If there would be a fire, Genoa and Jasper would not have enough water to fight a fire.  And as one may have figured, we do not have a fire department, just names on a  roster.  So here we are?   Do we dig another well?  Do we have to change our piping to the school?  There goes another Million.

And what about those sewer pipes that haven’t been fixed in White Springs.  What kind of piping is in the school?  Or are we just going to allow White Springs to be one big sink hole in every neighborhood with the chance of rats insects and disease.  Well I guess the council doesn’t care.  After all they have done nothing in the older neighborhoods which predominantly are Black.   Now they want a playground.  How in the God’s Green Earth are we expected to pay for all of that.  Like all Grants (Including the one from Calder) it is not guaranteed, so what are you idiotic councilors thinking.  There are only so many in the high tax base that have to pay the majority of the taxes.  And we don’t even have a fire department for our taxes.

It is obvious those on the council with the exception of Dr. Miller have no business sense.  I can guarantee that if the Millers placed a plan together or if Joe and I did, we would have a plan; but with all the problems involved with S.H.E. none of this makes sense.  If the School Board would have desired to fix S.H.E.  it would have remained a school.  The building frankly needs too much repair and I am certain the School Board would not wish to do it.

Insofar as investors, I have never seen a viable investor EVER invest in a building which was LEASED and NOT OWNED.  Nor have I seen an investor who only would be happy in making a few bucks.  Usually their return on investment at least has to be 30%.  I have worked with a couple of capital venturists out of California and a project like this would be laughable.

How much more do you want the citizens to pay?  What good are offices?  A Dry Cleaners  drop off is okay but I prefer making certain my dry cleanables are dropped off by me where I can see the operation.  At one time I dropped something off and it never made it to the cleaners; instead it was on the floor and it was an expensive evening gown with a jacket with feathers.

I have news for the Gang of Three.  No one wants to move to White Springs because of our corrupt reputation.  No one wishes to move to White Springs because of the high costs of taxes, utilities and sewer and water.  The only thing we really need is a real live grocery store and meat market, but what store in their right mind would want to move here?  We don’t even have a farmers market, a flea market nor a swap meet.  That brings in people as well as antiques; however, from outsiders who have visited us, the one antique store across from the Adams Country Store is outrageous in price for the things they have.

No, this town is a joke and until we start fixing our infrastructure, who the Hell would want to move here.  A few sink holes more and it will be disease ridden.  We haven’t taken care of grass, nor have the ditches been cleaned and we have tons of rubbish tree limbs etc on every street and no one to pick it up.

Yes Rhett, I remember what you said.  “You complain that we don’t do anything and now you are complaining that we are doing something”  You damned right Rhett, especially when it is going to place so many people in the poor house.  Like have you noticed the lines to our health center?  You’re right, no lines.  Have you noticed we have a viable fire department?  Well I guess you don’t care.  It is time you did something important Rhett and Lofty instead of all these bullshit projects.

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