Arthur Nateal, if rumor has it as true, has threatened to leave town as well as Spencer Lofton. The RATS are swimming away from the sinking ship. Just another “do gooder” who professes a love for the truth but is a lying scumbag whose relationship to God, which he so freely expresses, is now called into question.

Also, and this is true, that Pam and Stacy are not working on a new budget that the Charter REQUIRES them to present to the Town Council. Time to get a new Manager and Bookkeeper. Pam contends that the Attorney is working on the new budget but no where at no time has the Council said the budget could be late. It’s Stacy and Pam’s job to present a budget to the Council ON TIME, 30 September. They are not going, to echo Pam, not going to do that because the Attorney is doing the budget. What a crock of bull crap. Say good-bye to Stacy and Pam. Good riddance.

We have spent three years dealing with these to “public servants” and never once, in Stacy’s three years and Pam’s 18 years, have they ever served the public. Arthur Nateal and his live in concubine Shonda Werts will not be missed.


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  1. In Pam and Stacy’s Defense, Our Town Attorney said we may have a reprieve of 21 days to get the budget accomplished. This was due to the hurricane and as a result she was going to find out the actual time frame we had. Also, our Town Attorney is securing one or two CPA’s who will be willing to work on our budget since our Town Manager and Pam Tomlinson cannot figure anything out. What they need to do is put people part-time and remove the last person hired. Of course both Pam and Stacy need to go as well and be replaced by individuals who have the ability to handle the Town’s finances. Karin for the blog

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